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Team Members

Jianan Li
Qingrui Sun
Yiming Rong
Jiayue Guo
Zhiyuan Lu
Meiqi Yuan
Zhengyao Lin
Caiyi Feng
Shuyun Zhang
Tenghao Huang
Yining Huang
Yanyue Zhu



Software - TellYouWhat

For iGEMers, successful experiments and valid results are already huge achievements. However, what follows next is usually another series of confusion and dejection: through discussions in the iGEM China online chat group and CGEM conference, we have found that, iGEM teams, especially high school teams, usually get lost in the various kinds of data process methods.

To solve this problem, we design an application --- TellYouWhat. Basically, it discerns characteristics of datasets, and helps iGEM participants to select appropriate methods to process data. In addition, it contains three built-in model (Linear regression, Neural Network based on back propagation, and Neural Network based on logistic regression) and corresponding datasets to do the basic tasks for IGEM participants. Also, TellYouWhat serves as a manager for experiment data records.

We sincerely hope that with the help of TellYouWhat, every participant of iGEM can have a good start with their datasets.

TellYouWhat is a statistical software based on MATLAB GUI. Team HFLS_H2Z hopes that this application will help high school IGEM participants to better process data. Particularly, we want to make an improvement to the methods that high IGEM participants use to process data.

TellYouWhat is built based on MATLAB GUI.

Logistic Regression

Before training

After training

Logistic Regression

Neutral Network


The code/executables of the software can be found at here


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