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Team Members

Jianan Li
Qingrui Sun
Yiming Rong
Jiayue Guo
Zhiyuan Lu
Meiqi Yuan
Zhengyao Lin
Caiyi Feng
Shuyun Zhang
Tenghao Huang
Yining Huang
Yanyue Zhu


Chassis Selection
While E.coli is the most common used strain for protein expression, it's not the best choice for industrial uses.We plan to implement our devices in B. subtilis in the future in consideration of the prons and cons listed below. B. subtilis are able to endure more severe environment as might encountered in the pickling process. They are also more suitable for large quantity of protein expression as they can secret the proteins into the environment more easily than E. coli. Moreover, though E.coli provides numerous advantages in initial attempts as it's used more oftenly and better-studied in lab, certain strains of E.coli might pose threat to human bodies as opportunistic pathogens that might cause illnesses when our bodies are under low immunologic reactivity conditions. In contrast, B. subtilis is already applied widely in food production and considered to be safe and beneficial for health.

$B. subtilis$

$ B. subtilis $

Best-studied Gram-positive bacterium
Highly amenable for genetic manipulation—frequently adopted as a laboratory model organism
Gram-positive equivalent of $E. coli$
Resistant to acid and basic environment, more adapted to harsh environment in pickling process.
Dominant species in human guts, repress the growth of other harmful strains of bacteria by taking up oxygen—retain eco-balance within guts.
Nontoxigenic and nonpathogenic strains widely available and safely used n food application.
Does not develop resistance to drugs easily.
Single-layered cell membrane, capable of secreting more proteins into the culture.
Powerful proliferation.
Lower nutritional requirement.
"Qualified Presumption of Safety" status by the European Food Safety Authority.

$E. coli$

$ E. coli $

Opportunistic pathogens(low immunologic reactivity).
Does not develop resistance to drugs easily.
Double-layered cell membranes, secreting most proteins into the space in between.
Most-frequently used and best-studied strains in lab, ideal for plasmid construction and cloning.


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