Team:Hamburg/The stupid Mistakes

AG world domination

Pinky and The Brain


  1. Wait until no-one is watching and create a superorganism.
  2. Try to take over the world.

Have you ever heard of the old TV series “Pinky and the Brain”?

That’s who we are. Like Pinky and the Brain one of us is a genius and the other is insane. However, we are still not sure who is who. But together we are going to take over the world.

Geoffrey is studying to become an English and social sciences teacher. He doesn’t have a clue about biology, biochemistry or synthetic biology, and yet he has somehow become part of our team. After claiming to be generally interested in the concept of our project and the interdisciplinary teamwork, he somehow joined our team, even though a couple of beer might have been involved in the final decision. After joining our team, he has been helping Alina in her pursuit to take over the world.

Alina is a biology student and is attending the iGEM competition for the second time. Last year she didn’t intend to take part; she was simply waiting for a presentation when she found herself listening to a former team member of the Hamburg iGEM team, and suddenly, she became part of it herself. After behaving well and working properly over the last year, she now wishes to work hard on her plans for world domination. While Alina has been bringing all the knowledge to the table, she has received energetic support from Geoffrey in return.

In Reality:


This year Alina is one of three team leaders, the head of the laboratories and our safety guard. As well as in the planning and the design of our BioBricks she is also involved in our Human Practices and sponsoring activities. She coordinates all the group’s information; she pools it together and ensures that all team members can access it equally. She also plans the experiments for the future of our projects.

Furthermore, she is basically the dictator of the lab and no one wants to draw her enragement on themselves. But she also has a kind and caring site taking care of Kutte and Geoffrey, our two lab-nestlings, and ensures that all our ideas are at least semi-realistic (Keeping Shanti in check).

Geoffrey has never been in a laboratory before this year’s competition, nor had he heard a great deal about biochemistry or synthetic biology, but he is a quick learner, meaning that he soon became of valuable support, especially for boosting the atmosphere in the lab.

Apart from his work in the lab he is highly involved in the Human Practices team, where he has been leading his own little side project which has focused on interdisciplinary work, and he has also helped a lot with sponsoring. His most important role is, however, to keep Alina in a good mood ;)