General Support

Thank you to Rena Lyon, Ethan Alley, and Dr. Neel Joshi for their practical wisdom and moral support.

Lab Support

Anton Kan and Miguel Suastegui were integral to the design and execution of the wetlab portion of our project, from construct design to advice on carrying out specific protocols.

Hardware Support

Our hardware component would not have been possible without Paul Machado and the BU Hardware Team.

Human Practices Support

Special thanks to Dr. Neel Joshi and all the other iGEM teams who helped us put together our global outreach survey, as well as everyone who responded!

Photo Gallery

Team Photo
2017 Harvard iGEM Team

Cappy's Pizza
Thank you to Cappy's for the never ending pizza

Froyo Time
Froyotime! Original only please

Adriano in lab
Autoclaver, plate pourer - Adriano

Erin in lab
Is the bottle empty? Ft. Erin

HJ in lab
The model goes to infinity - Hyeon-Jae

Reggie in lab
Reggie. coli in action

Lien in lab
Hi Lien

Hidden Word Search
Thanks for a great year!