Team:Harvard/Medal Criteria

Medal Criteria


  • Register and attend: plan to have a great time at the Jamboree!
  • Deliverables
    • Team wiki
    • Poster
    • Presentation
    • Registry Parts Page
    • Sample Submission
    • Safety Forms
    • Judging Forms
  • Attributions
  • Characterization / Contribution: Interlab


  • Validated part and contribution
  • Collaboration: Collaborated with Boston University hardware team to produce a customizable and low cost microfluidic device
  • Human Practices: Informed public about importance of bioethics and safety via presentation and operating a help desk. Integrated human practices into larger community through our global perspectives outreach initiative.


  • Integrated Human Practices: collaborated with 7 other iGEM teams for a global perspective of synthetic biology
  • Model: modeled curli pathway to optimize polymer production
  • Proof of concept: showed potential for polymer optimization in a two pronged approach: engineering cells for higher polymer production via RBS engineering, customizing low cost lab equipment alternatives for optimal production