Team:Hong Kong-CUHK/Attributions


Attribution by team members:

Ching Yuet TO(Andrew), Ho Ting CHU (David), Ruoning WANG (Angela), Siu Kei WONG (Jan), Kwok Lun HUI (Tom) and Chun Sing CHOW (Paul) were responsible in the designing, cloning and testing of all our biobricks. Yuet Ching LIN(Venus) and Po Yu LEUNG (Carina) were responsible for characterizing mRFP and amaJlime.
Ho Ting CHU (David) and Ruoning WANG (Angela) were responsible in the developement of our online software.
Human Practice:
Human practice events were organized by Wing Sze Wong(Cathy), Kong Lam(Derek) and Lam Cheuk Chee(Cynthia).
Sum Yi LO (Sammi), Chui Shan TSANG (Jade) and Wai On CHIU (Alan) were responsible for the design and development of wiki.


Teaching assistant (postgraduate students):
Mr. Man Long KWOK, Mr. Yap Shing NIM and Mr. Chi Kin WONG, provided the lab training to us and gived comment on our work.
We have monthly report to professors and they provide valuable advice to us each time. Professor King Ming CHAN, Professor SK KWONG and Professor Ting Fung CHAN, supervised the whole project and advised us on the synthetic biology part. Professor Chung Hang Jonathan CHOI and Professor Kevin Yuk Lap YAP, supervised the whole project and advised us on the part that’s related to computer science and bioinformatics. Professor Kam Bo WONG, provided lab equipments and supported for the whole project. Professor Joseph Jao-Yiu SUNG, advised us on the project application. Professor Andrew MURRAY from University of Cambridge, had also advised us on the project application and lab techniques.

Advice from experts:

Mr. Leslie CHUNG from Philomathia Foundation advised us on the project application and provide financial support.

Lab Support:

Mr. Pui Tak SO (Nelson), assisted us with using lab equipments in the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory. Professor Liwen JIANG sponsored us consumable such as cell free system and antibiotics.

Software Support:

Miss Cheuk Yau LI (Frances), a year 4 computer science student assisted in the development of our online software.

Human Practice Support:

Professor Kay Sheung Paul CHAN , provided knowledge about Influenza diagnostic method and advised us on the design of the prototype. Dr. Ka-wing AU, Director of Health, answered us questions about influenza in Hong Kong. Mr. Joe LIT and Mr. Charles LAM from local chicken farm Fork Eat provided us knowledge about influenza regulation in chicken farm.


The 2017 iGEM HKUST team, assisted us on the modelling part. The 2017 iGEM UCCKE team, assisted us on the 3D printing of the prototype.

Thank you for helping our iGEM team!

Team training and Project start

Does your institution teach an iGEM or synthetic biology course?
In CUHK, every student needed to take a synthetic biology course before becoming an iGEM member.
When did you start this course?
The course is opened in the whole spring semester.
Are the syllabus and course materials freely available online?
Syllabus is available here
Course material is available here
When did you start your brainstorming?
At the end of the synthetic biology course
When did you start in the lab?
The synthetic biology course required us to do experiment in the lab. We started in the lab from the start of the spring semester.
When did you start working on your project?
We start working our own project from June.