Team:Hong Kong UCCKE/Collaborations

Team Hong Kong-CUHK

We are very honoured to have the chance collaborating with Team Hong Kong-CUHK. They have mentored us on laboratory skills and have reminded us what should be included in our protocols, which, helped us a lot throughout our whole project. In early July, we had our first meeting with them at their campus. We have exchanged our project ideas during the meeting. They also gave us some advice and questions which helped us improve our presentation skills and experiment design.

They have also shared their project with us and asked us whether we can help them make their device by 3D-printing it. We designed a model and printed it out. We sincerely hope it can really help them make the device easier to produce and bring benefits to the public. We have also helped them to modify their prototype in return.

In the middle stage of our project, they have provided us alternative solutions when we encountered difficulties which made our experiment much more effective.

In the last stage of our project, they have also helped us to send our parts for sequencing to check if it matches our parts. We are very grateful for their generous help.

Team Hong Kong-HKUST

We are lucky to have Team Hong Kong-HKUST sharing their experience of participating in the iGEM competition with us, for example, they have given a talk in our joint school iGEM camp (details of the camp can be found in public engagement page under Human Practices), and the talk is about how to start a good iGEM project.

Team SCU WestChina

We have in addition collaborated with Team SCU-WestChina from Sichuan, as we are working on the same topic and the same gene, ygfu, so we consulted their idea for a part of our project. We contacted them through Facebook messenger and had skyped in May and we have exchanged our idea on the topic of uric acid in blood, which has helped us a lot in our project.


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