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DSS STEM Fair 2017

We were honored to be invited to take part in the DSS STEM Fair along with 23 other High schools in Hong Kong. It is estimated that we have successfully reached more than 1,000 visitors including the general public, teachers, students, parents, and even professionals during this two-day fair and have introduced to them what our team is doing. We have also tailor-made some agar plates with arts that are created by GFP-added e.coli in order to make 'genetic engineering' sound more attractive to the public, which, we take as the first step to promoting genetic engineering to the society.


Joint-School iGEM Summer Camp 2017

As we sincerely hope that synthetic biology can be promoted to other schools in Hong Kong, we held a join school iGEM camp inviting students from Tin Ka Ping Secondary School, Po Leung Kok Celine Ho Yam Tong College, Pentecostal School and G.T.(Ellen) College on 10th-12th of August. We introduced iGEM to them, including some previous projects done by our team and other high school iGEM teams. During the laboratory session in the camp, we introduced some basic techniques which are often used when doing experiments. Lastly, we shared our ideas on possible topics for future iGEM projects. This camp not only lets them know about iGEM but also get inspired by each other.

Presentation to biology teachers in Hong Kong

It is our privilege to be offered a chance delivering a presentation in the annual Biology School-based Assessment Meeting where all the biology teachers from Hong Kong gather together. Our team captain introduced to the teachers the projects we have been working on and the difficulties faced throughout the process.

SBA PresentationSBA Presentation SBA PresentationSBA Presentation

Presentation in our school

We took the advantage of being a high school students which allows us to present our project to students in our school. This presentation reached the coverage of around 1,000 people. We shared with them our project and the lessons learnt joining iGEM. To us, it is an effective way to promote synthetic biology as there are students coming to grasp a better understanding towards synthetic biology after our sharing every year.

School PresentationSchool Presentation

Sharing to parents of our school (Coverage: 10 students, 9 parents)

As we sincerely hope that synthetic biology can be promoted to the general public, we held a sharing session to parents of our school on 20th of October. During the session, we introduced iGEM to them, including why our school is sending students to attend the competition and how can they can support us, of course, we also told them about the details of our project, inspiration, and goals. This activity not only lets them know about us or about iGEM but also let parents have an understanding of what research actually is and they will also like their children to join our team.

Sharing to parents of our schoolSharing to parents of our school