Team IIT-Madras

Our contribution to the iGEM community is not a BioBrick part, but a database of host organisms and data related to the hosts, including but not limited to, BioBrick parts.

For any relatively lesser used organism, it is very cumbersome to find all appropriate protocols, like growth and transformation protocols, and even harder to get parts. A database such as this is an asset to an iGEMer or any synthetic biologist in general who needs to work with such a host organism.

With all the literature survey required to find out just the basic characteristics of a new chassis, the research becomes disheartening even before it actually starts. One has to go through multiple papers, databanks, et cetera, none of which are found at the same place. So, this involves a lot of navigation through excessive junk data. ChassiDex reduces this hassle-prone navigation and presents an easier, well curated, solution.

This is neither a traditional nor a one-time solution, but a sustainable one. ChassiDex is sustainable because it is for the people, by the people. As long as one project team works on a chassis, they can help all others aspiring to work with it by contributing to the database.