Primary PI
Keli Tian
I’m from Shandong Universiy. Being the first PI, I spent this whole summer vacation with these high school students who are interested deeply in Synthetic Biology and iGEM. I enjoyed meeting and working alongside so many driven young individuals, who worked tirelessly to bring their ideas to life. I’m so proud of these young girls and boys. I am a quiet person, but I love to stay with these young people, because they can influence me with their energy and vitality. Besides the work, I love to travel, do yoga and spend time with my friends and family!
Secondary PI
Sharon Yue
This is Sharon Yue, Secondary PI of JNFLS iGEM team, Director of Jinan Foreign Language School International Center (JNFLS-IC). In JNFLS-IC, we prepare students for success in academics and life in an increasingly global society. It is such a pleasure to inspire, challenge and guide a group of teenagers to explore in the area they have passion on, which may lead their career development. We value all the time, and effort with iGEM. I wish all meet the growth from the experience.
Na Su
I am a Biology teacher and homeroom teacher in Jinan Foreign Language School. During my summer vacation, I was fortunate to witness the unbridled enthusiasm and passion of my students. It was truly an honor to guide them in their discovery of the innate beauty of science and biology. Over time I have gradually developed an interest in Synthetic Biology and iGEM. For the students, iGEM represents an amazing opportunity and a chance to expand their knowledge. This is the second time of our school to join the iGEM competition. I hope my students can challenge themselves and make progress in the process.
Dongjun Bu
I am Dongjun Bu, adviser of JNFLS iGEM team and Vice Director of Jinan Institute for Education and Teaching Research. I have 25 years of experience in biology teaching and high school curriculum development and evaluation. It is my honor to be an adviser of JNFLS. I am responsible for the safety of whole team members in the lab. They were trained before the experiment starts. In the whole process, I felt the passion of these high school students. All of them are very interested in Synthetic Biology and iGEM competition. They, as growing researchers, work very hard and have learned a lot.
Chengyu Zhang
I am the adviser of JNFLS team, as well as the Vice Director of Jinan Foreign Language School International Center (JNFLS-IC). Passion and enthusiasm are the two most important things accompanying my work, so I spare no effort in helping my brilliant students to go forward. I pay hard effort, but meanwhile, I gain much more than that. It is their bright future that lights my teaching career. Besides those mentioned above, I am also a big fan of sports after work.
Student Leaders
Yujia Liu
My name is Liu Yujia. From 5 years old, I have shown a great passion in science. I read a comic that simply described the process of digesting, this inspired me to join the ranks of people who are amazed by biochemistry. It was a mysterious power which led me to the path of learning biology. It is my dream to study biological engineering in the university. To join in iGEM competition gives me the chance to touch the high technology in the world and especially, the synthetic biology. However, I also love math, physics, chemistry and some art study subjects.
Student Members
Peiyue Zhuang
My name is Peiyue Zhuang, a student from Jinan Foreign Language School. I am mainly responsible for human practice in our team. My interest is on social activities and relationships, so being in charge of human practice in our team is such an exciting challenge for me! Besides HP, I also do some experiments, such as extracting plasmids, constructing gene, etc. My personal hobby is debate, and I regard it as an indispensable ability to build up one’s personality. Other than debate, reading history and writing plays are also my favorite to do in my spare time.
Xinyu Zhou
I am the student leader of our team, during summer vacation, I did experiment in the laboratory of Shandong University with my teammates, cooperating with the iGEM team from Shandong University. Although synthetic biology is a fairly new and difficult field for high school students like me, but I still find iGEM exciting and interesting. I love iGEM!
Xiangyu Ai
My name is David, a short but confident boy from China. Gene is an addictive stimulant for me, but it is not simply because it determines whether you are short or tall. In my opinion, gene is a symbol of god's wit, CPUs of every organisms, and a vital key of fate. Snatching the right from god that can alter human's destiny is a part of my dream. That is the real reason why I fall love with the synthetic biology.
Ruoer Bei
Hi, I am Emily Bei who is active and outgoing. I like listening to the music and doing social activities. Thus, I am in the charge of the human practice in IGEM. Also, I have the big interest in biology. I would like to observe the miraculous of the creatures' body. Because of the IGEM, I not only learnt more knowledge from the textbook, but also went to the lab to do experiments in person. In the future, I will advertise more about the genetic engineering and make it more acceptable in the public.
Quan Gao
I’m Gao Quan. Since I was only a child ,I had already started to think and ask lots of questions to explore the origin of the world ,more precisely,to find out basic theory to make those common things in the nature what they are.Due to this,my interest in mathematics and biology are also roused at very early age. Then the competition called iGEM which gives me a chance to get in touch with such a new and charming subject and achieve my dream about mixing mathematics and biology together.Meanwhile this competition rouses me to continue studying a similar multidisciplinary subject-natural science in the future.
Minghuan Gu
Hello everyone, my name is Frank. I am a high school student from Jinan Foreign Language School. I am fascinated with biology, chemistry, and playing saxophone. I am very fond of Jazz and Blues which are legendary types of music. Since my mom and my dad are both doctors, I am looking forward to becoming a person as they are. I am really honor and grateful to participate the iGEM. However, it is, as far as practical experience and significance are concerned, more preferable to realize my dream by lecturing knowledge seriously. So I will study with a development plan and assimilate the knowledge carefully. By the way, I will undoubtedly treasure the experiences of learning through iGEM.
Tiange Liu
My name is Tiange Liu, a student from JNFLS. Years ago, I found myself fall in love with this splendid science ---- biology. It is biology that teaches me the laws of nature; it is biology that leads me investigate the essence of life; it is biology that allows me to explore the mysteries hidden inside our bodies. The world’s biggest problems mostly link with biological and biomedical topic, arising the deep passion and curiosity within my soul. I truly appreciate the key that iGEM gives to me to open the gate of frontier experiment. And now, it is time for me to seize the opportunity and get closer to my dream major.
Naisheng Lu
My name is Naisheng Lu. My passion of biology started since 10 years ago, when I fell in love with the biological documentaries on TV. They made me really curious about the fantastic nature and I was deeply fascinated by the grandness of life. My dream is to figure out the ultimate secret of life, which was also the reason I took part in iGEM. Apart from biology, I also have many else hobbies. Drawing pictures for the spectacular world around me is my favorite work. So I hope to have a deeper understanding of the world through this competition.
Yiyan Yang
I am Yiyan Yang, a girl who loves seeking for truth through experiment and evidence. I am idealistic but cautious and really found of biology. I read books in various areas and play music or do some painting in my spare time. These hobbies make me relaxed after a period of study. Taking part in iGEM is a wonderful chance as I can have a deeper understanding and more experience of synthetic biology. By doing the research, experiment and activities, I have met many people that have the same interests with me. Such a fantastic experience that I will never forget.
Han Zhang
Biology isn't just about a tedious and orderly process of Darwinism. It's about creativity and originality. An accidental chance to investigate some of the most frontier methods to repair and regeneration of central nervous system(CNS) made it possible for me to have a deeper understanding of the various possibilities that a single biological unit can have--a tiny step can alter the diversity, connectivity and functionality of a critical device, thereby determining the destiny of the entire organism. Consequently, it is biologists' responsibility to devise various blueprints with precise calculation and intricate procedure, which will either give another chance for those who are cursed by the so-called incurable diseases to be normal like each one of us, or generate an more efficient way of life of organisms which is beneficial to not only human being, but also our biosphere. I, as young one of these biologists, have a strong passion for synthesizing those biological possibilities of life, and that is exactly why I am here working for iGEM. See you around at MIT!
Hongyu Ren
I am Hongyu Ren, a girl student from No.1 Senior Middle School of Shuangyashan. I’m very interested in Synthetic Biology and iGEM. I love doing Biological experiments, and I have lots of fun in this summer. I am mainly in charge of designing and making the poster in our team. My personal hobby is painting, which could put me in good mood. So it is such an exciting thing for me to be the poster designer! Drawing can make me relax and happy. Besides that, playing the piano and writing Chinese Calligraphy are also my favorite in my spare time and I enjoy them!
Lingyan Meng
Hello, my name is Lingyan Meng, a 16-year-old student from Qingdao No.2 Middle School, China. I like Biology and I feel lucky to have a chance to join JNFLS iGEM team this summer, because iGEM is one of the most popular competition in the world, I think. In the experiment, I learned lots of shills, such as culturing cell, running electrophoresis etc. Also, I made some friends from different school in the team. When I have spare time, I like to play basketball.