Team:Jilin China/Attributions

Our project could finish only with helps from others. We really appreciate their kindness. Without specific explanation, all the people referred are from School of Life Sciences, Jilin University.

General support

Jilin University, for their support in the competition.

School of life sciences, Jilin University, for their support in the competition.

Our instructors, Dr. Yan Chen, Ali Hou and Yang Zhan: A huge thanks for their constructive suggestions and meticulous guidance to our project.

Technique support:

Dr. Tiejun Gu teached us the use of apparatus we need in our experiment.

Dr. Linjun Cai gave us a lot of instructions during our brain storm.

Dr. Bin Yu and Ph.D. candidates from Dr. Yu's lab helped us in enzyme purification.

Ph.D. candidate Shubai Liu guided us when operating HPLC.

Ph.D. candidates Bo Li and Xiaorui Chen suggested to use PBS rather than NaCl in enzyme experiment.

Ph.D. candidates Hongyan Xia and Fan Wu taught us the use of the plate reader and the protocols of transformation, western blot, digestion and lingation.

Dr. Dahai Yu guided us in enzyme experiment.

Material and apparatus support

Dr. Xinghong Zhao ordered reagents for us.

Ph.D. candidate Chengkai Zhang provided us materials in enzyme experiment and BL21 containing TfdB-JLU.

Ph.D. candidates Bo Li and Xiaorui Chen provided us with centrifuge tubes, kits and other experiment materials.

Ph.D. candidates Yayuan Zheng, Jingyu Wang and yiming Kou offered antibodies and other materials for western blot.

Ph.D. candidate Bingxue Sun provided leucine.

Dr. Yubin Ge provides the plate reader to measure fluorescent and OD.

Model support

Zetian Yan, undergraduate student from College of Mathematics in Jilin University helped us to revise our model.

Yu Xia, master student from College of Computer Science and Technology, gave us technique supports on GitHub.

Wiki support

Jilin Hongzhengtiancheng Education and Technology Co.,Ltd helped us to design and make our wiki.