Team:Jilin China/Team

Chengbai Liu
Dr. Liu is the teaching secretary in School of Life Sciences. He helped us to communicate with the university and was in charge of the financial affairs.
Yan Chen
Professor and vice dean of School of Life Sciences, Jilin university. She instructed the whole project and organized the team.
Ali Hou
Dr. Hou is an associate professor in School of Life Sciences. He is a humorous guy with a lot of funny stories about the winners of Nobel Prize. He generally gave us instructions in experiments and human practices.
Yang Zhan
Dr. Zhan is an associate professor in School of Life Sciences. She was in charge of the experiments and offered us the chance to visit the factory and the institute.
Jin Liu
Hi, I am Jin Liu, a senior undergraduate from School of Life Sciences, major in biology and also was the student leader of this year Jilin_China iGEM team, mainly in charge of the design work besides experiments.
Ming Han
I'm a junior undergraduate from Life Science College, major in biology. If there exist adjectives can describe me, that should be vivacious, optimistic, beautiful, decent, kind, tender and cute. I love reading, making friends with others and travel on my own. I love beer and skittles, love biology and love living. I take charge of human practice and promotor part
Zhenzhu Tong
Zhenzhu Tong was the second-in-command for Jilin-china in 2017.She was a member of experiment part and in charge of logistical support ,managing account to order experimental materials .After participating some human practise activities,she also provide publicity and promotion via social media platforms.
Zihan Lu
I'm a junior student major in biology, a black star adorning Avril Lavigne, an amateur Marvel fan, crappy in piano, seeming like love reading. Biology has used to be considered as my career, yet now I��m not sure about that.
Yuwei Huang
I am the senior student, majoring in biology. I helped them with their brainstorm and designed the presentation .
Nina Ma
Hello , I`m Nina Ma from Jilin_China .I'm a third year student of pharmaceutical engineering .I learn a lot of things during participating IGEM like experiment skills and I also know more about the biological information in this year . Thank IGEM broaden my horizons .Can`t wait to share our project with you.
Zhongqiao Gan
Hello,guys! My name is Zhongqiao Gan. A sophomores majoring pharmaceutical engineering and you can call me Xiaoqiao also .I love reading, dogs, stars and the moon.In the program of Chlorophenol degradation I worked to evaluate the effect of double oxygenase. Having a good time In competition.
Letian Bao
A delayed artist by biology
Love photography
Love guitar
Love painting
Love rolling chair in lab
Quote: what the hell is the protein expression
Huadong Xing
Hey, guys, i'm Huadong Xing, feeling lucky to join in Jilin_China. I take charge of the enzyme verification, Wiki build-up and poster making. Also, i take part in human practice with other group members. I really wish that our project could ends well among 2017 IGEM teams.
Zihao Wang
Zihao Wang took charge of the collaboration with other team,and he participated in many human practice activities.Our team logo was designed by him.Besides,he is also a member of experimental group.He finished the interlab experiment and did many other experiments.
Shuai Wang
Shuai Wang is a junior undergraduate from Jilin University, College of Chemistry. He is responsible for setting up prediction models based on experimental datas. Programming is the best entertainment for Shuai Wang during his time away from lab. He's main area is Matlab toolbox developing.
Ying Wei
Hey, yo
My name is Wei Ying
And you can also call me Wing
If you ask about my team
I will say that's China_Jilin
Why do we participate in, that competition, iGEM?
Cause we wanna win, wanna people who are interested in, synthetic biology
BTW, the most important thing, is hoping us enjoy
Yu Huang
I'm Yu Huang, from Jilin_China. Major in biology, but dreaming of becoming a surgeon. Recently study miRNA interference. I've done some research in molecular medicine, and published several articles. Love skiing in winter, and video games indoor with A/C in summer. Enjoy visiting new places and making new friends.
Hongmin Yu
Age: 20
Junior student major in bioscience
Like reading novels, enjoy psychology.
Xiaolin Dong
Xiaolin dong, Majored in Tang Aoqing Honors Program of Jilin University. I love everything except selfie. I believe everybody is a kid. I want to learn all but sometimes will give up halfway. But I still on my way.
Shan Wang
A senior student major in biology science
Likes cartoon
Hates culture of E.coli
Luwei Huang
The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is. Not to be in your comfort zone is greater fun. To become an iGEMer is the funniest challenge that Luvy has ever had. She participated in iGEM competition again as a student advisor of 2017 Jilin_China team, enjoying the joy of iGEM with her talented friends.
Yongge Wu
Dr. Yongge Wu did a significant contribution in cooperating with other organizations,including the Elite Program and the company for the wiki, he gave us a lot of suggestions when we design our project and also instructed the design of our wiki ��Besides, he provided our team with some important equipment.
Mingjun Zhang
I am a senior student from school of life science in Jilin University.Last year,I participated in the IGEM competition as a student member.But this year I participate as a advisor.Differ from last year,I took part in recruiting team members at the beginning and give some advice for the project in this year.That is different but exciting experience!