Team:KUAS Korea/Contribution


Team KUAS_Korea 2017: characterization

We tested the functionality of K1033222 as a constitutive promoter and expression of amilCP chromoprotein in the Escherichia coli DH5alpha. DH5alpha containing the control(pSB1C3) and BBa_K1033282, respectively, were cultured in LB medium containing chloramphenicol. Absorbances were measured every 30 minutes using BioRad SmartSpecPlus at 588 nm and 800 nm.

The first photo is a transformation of BBa_K1033282 to DH5alpha. This was then grown in LB medium supplemented with chloramphenicol at 37 degrees Celsius. The first graph shows changes in OD588 over time, the second shows changes in OD588 / OD800 ratio with time, and the third shows OD588 according to OD800.


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