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Human Practice Overview

The interaction between our project and the world is what ultimately matters. Our project brings positive effects to the world and the world affects our project to make it in better ways. Within this year, we have done it through three major areas; human practice, integrated human practice and public engagement. Check out the links below.

Human Practice: Link

On the way to the realization of our POO-robiotics, we considered both safety and commercialization. We made a visit to health care center to check what kind of inconvenience people have for stool anal test. Likewise, we conducted surveys on occult blood test in Korea university hospital. Moreover, we contacted one of the congressmen to confirm actual obstacles that we might undergo to commercialize the POO-robiotics.

Integrated Human Practice: Link

While developing our kit, we carried out communications in three parts; industry, research, and clinic. In industrial section, we were advised to choose Lactobacillus for the experimental test during our visit to Gold-Biome. In research section, we had a face-to-face talk with professor Kim to seek expert advice for using pigments and entity modeling.

Public Engagement: Link

Harmony between science and society is what scientists pursue to the ultimate. To do so, scientists try to make interactive approaches rather than one-sided. This year we came up to the public through the open seminar, GMM law archiving and distribution of translated ‘Obama Report’.


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