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Team KUAS_Korea from Korea University

We are KUAS_Korea, Korea University Association of Synthetic biology.
KUAS_Korea has been annually participating in iGEM since 2009, and we are proud to present this year's members.

Student Member


Student Leader

Uijin is this year's student leader of KUAS_Korea! This is her second year as an iGEMer, and is committed to the management of whole sub-teams and projects of this group. Her primary interest lies in the communication of science and society, and the role of scientists as major actors of the international society. She hopes that their work can make a small step ahead towards a better world!


Wet-lab Leader

Hi, I take charge of our wet-lab experiment. Also, I manage our team's Facebook page. I am interested in the latest biotechnology and gene therapy. This is my third participation in iGEM. Doing wet-lab experiment makes me tired, but I still learn a lot from it. Enjoy iGEM & Giant Jamboree, fellas!


Human Practice Leader

My name is Kim Eui Jong, and I’m in charge of the human practice team. As being a sophomore, I often realize that there are still plenty of things for me to learn. But still, I will try best to work on the KUAS iGem team. I actually take a profound interest in microorganisms, especially pathogenic ones. Hope to see you soon in the Giant Jamboree.


Environmental Science

Bosun Ryu is a junior majoring in environmental science and ecological engineering. It is his first year to attend iGEM, so he is excited to be part of the team. Arsenal is his favorite football club, but this does not mean that KUAS iGEM team is going to win the fourth place. (We always go for the trophies.) He wants to remind you that his favorite number is not "4".


Modeling/Life Science

Human Practices / Funding
"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." (Issac Newton)
Interested in Communication between Society and Science.
Tools: Synthetic biology, Finance



Hi, I'm Yeayoung! I am responsible of documantations of all the meetings. Also, I participate in Wet Lab and, if needed, Dry Lab too. I am bubbly and full of curiosity. My interests are in cellular biology and Rick and Morty. There should be obstacles proceding this project, but, I am sure we will learn a lot from them and grow further!


German Language and Literature

Hi J I’m Youngeun. As a late participator in KUAS team, I mostly back other members up by doing what others could not deal with such as poster design. Since my major is originally German language and literature, I'm on my way to find my interests in bio-technology. I look forward to participating in this very new experience and hope to learn many new things and meet many different people at iGEM.


Life Science

Hello, I’m Eunmin Kim and greetings to you all who have visited our team’s wiki. I’m currently majoring in life science, and is participating in the wet lab activities in KUAS. Before, I didn’t quite have much lab experience and thought this was a great chance to experience gene technology and lab work. I'm looking forward to know more about how to deal with genes and part designing. Well then, let’s enjoy the iGEM and the Jamboree!

Thanks To


Principal Investigator

Professor In-Geol Choi has given Korea_U_Seoul team warm-hearted, unstinting support both in moral and academic ways. We are greatful to present our advancements under his guidance.



As our team's instructor, Kyujin Jeong has been a big help with advices on experimental methods and designs.


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