London Meetup

iGEM Westminster, UCL and Warwick hosted other UK teams for a ‘Mini-Jamboree’ where we were able to attend poster sessions, watch a few teams give mock presentations and participate in debates. All of the teams were able to exchange ideas and help answer any queries the other may have had, as well as discuss the content of the posters presented and the presentations. Through the use of post it notes, all the teams were able to collaboratively answer questions and solve dilemmas any of the other UK teams may have had. We were fortunately able to experience what the Giant Jamboree would be like before Boston at a smaller scale, with the addition of pizza and snacks of course! Thank you to UCL, Westminster and Warwick for hosting all of us!

Judd High School

This year, three members of our team: Laulwa Al Salloum, Laurens Heling and Dan Brunkow, were able to work alongside Team Judd_UK in the InterLab study. They were able to use our lab and equipment to obtain the necessary readings for their InterLab while we mentored two of their members; Nikita Shukan and Mateo Hoare through the process, as well as aiding them in their managing of the different aspects of the study, such as: using the Gilson pipettes, using the plate reader, incubating the samples, etc. In return, they generously donated their InterLab DNA from Distribution kit plate 6 for us to transform as we were unsuccessful in transforming the DNA from our own kit into the E.coli DH5 alpha cells.
Being able to work alongside another iGEM team was incredibly useful in viewing the study from a different point of view as Judd_UK were experiencing all the lab work for the first time as they are a High School team. Being able to mentor them allowed us to work through the study step by step until it became second nature to perform all the readings.
Link to Judd’s wiki on our collaboration: