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  • Abdul

    I did igem because It interested me as I took biology at Alevel and enjoyed it, so I relished the challenge of using my knowledge from physics and apply it to biochemistry. I found that the thing that stood out from igem is the fact that it involves many people from different disciplines to work together in a project that can I have real life applications.

  • Dan

    Steve of House Safety, First of His Name, The Uncontaminated, King of The Autoclave Machine and the Agar Plates, Protector of The DNA samples, Breaker of Centrifuges (once), and Creator of Helmut the Parafilm Snowman. I wanted to do iGEM to get experience in the lab and meet new people. iGEM has made me want to do a phd after my undergrad studies are done. Still holding out for becoming the next Bon Jovi though.

  • Harman

    I have always had a deep interest in science and so I decided to do iGem which has helped me learn a lot about research which will help me in my career in the medical sector.

  • Ivy

    The involvement of synthetic biology within iGEM has helped me confirm that biopharmaceuticals is the one for me.

  • Laurens

    I wanted to genetically engineered a super bacterium to employ in my masterplan for world domination. Settled on this project though, still moderately happy. I now know what a career in science could look like and aim to pursue just that.

  • Lulu

    I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in science and iGem proved to be the perfect place to grow that passion, despite all the constant trial and error.

  • Nina

    Through iGEM I realized I want to pursue a career in science but also that science is a vast ocean of disappointment.

  • Tarek

    I get it like a scientist, break it down like an engineer.

  • Dr. Neil Kad

  • Dr. Peter Ellis

  • Dr. Wei Feng Xue

  • Dr. Mark Smales


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