Team member

Saki Matsui

Major: Applied Zoology
She is the leader of team iGEM Kobe2017. As a leader, she is responsible for contacting our instructors. She also contacted sponsors and gathered funds. She helped overall activities.

Feelings: This is the first time our university joined iGEM. I am feeling anxious and honored at the same time. I want to thank all the people who have supported us. At the end of the day, green tea is the best way to relax.

Tomoya Nishiguchi

Major: Biochemistry
He engaged in experiment work. He is a kind of peacemaker who leads the members to the right direction.

Feelings: It was a precious time to start this project from scratch. I’m so glad to find wonderful members and work hard toward the same goal with them.

Kyosuke Kita

Major: Biochemistry
He is responsible for experiment work. He is the best actor who carries out many activities in our team. He also engaged in Wiki creation. Most of wiki documents were written by him.

Feelings: iGEM was tough for me, but more exciting! I learned a lot of things from this beautiful experiences I had during iGEM activity. Over the summer, I had been so frustrated by countless number of failures in experiments. But these words always encouraged me. “Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain“ by Henry Ford

Momoko Okabe

Major: Applied Botany
She engaged in Wiki creation. She is responsible for wiki design.

Feelings: When I experimented, I crushed microtube in my hand.

Shoya Komura

Major: Environmental Biology
He is responsible for financial affairs.

Feelings: From this project, I learned the basic research methods. The experience of iGEM will be good pabulum for my life.

Hiroki Matsuoka

Major: Environmental Biology
He created our video for crowdfunding.

Feelings: I like eating delicious food. I like to spend my days off watching baseball game and enjoying fishing.

Harunobu Tsuzuki

Major: Environmental Biology
He designed our team logo and orders our hoodies.

Feelings: I like sketching animals, especially frogs. Frogs makes me feel at ease.

Ayako Sugita

Major: Agricultural Engineering

Feelings: I think it is important to challenge difficulties.

Ei-ichi Nakai

Major: Maritime Science

Feelings: I like fish in the sea. They are beautiful and also delicious.

Tadashi Mizukoshi

Major: Medicine

Feelings: I believe that what is important is once you make a mistake, you never do it next time.

Instructors and Advisors

Ph.D. Ken-ichi Yoshida

Applied Microbiologist

Ph.D. Kosei Tanaka

Applied Microbiologist

Ph.D. Shu Ishikawa

Applied Microbiologist