Team:Lambert GA/Engagement


Maker Faire: Building With Biology

The Maker Faire is a two day event where scientists, engineers and other “makers” gather to promote their craft to the public. Lambert iGEM partnered with the Atlanta Science Festival in hosting the venue where the public could learn about synthetic biology. The events the team hosted were from a kit provided by Building with Biology, a foundation dedicated to the education of synthetic biology to the public. Lambert iGEM informed the public about synthetic biology utilizing models of ClpXP demonstrating its function in protein degradation. The Chrome-Q was also shown as a cheaper option to the plate reader for underfunded labs. In addition, the team asked the children that stopped at the Lambert iGEM booth ”why are you interested in science?” We could not have hosted this event without the support of Atlanta Science Festival who hosted and provided us with materials.

iGEM Open House

Lambert hosted an Open House at the school lab. They introduced their 2017 project to companies, parents, and students in the community. Individuals were able to conduct lab protocols and work on lab techniques such as gel electrophoresis and micropipetting. In attendance were School Administrators, Board of Education members and representatives from local companies.

Team members teaching basic micropipetting skills at iGEM's open house.


A member of Lambert iGEM, Lauren Hong, gave a Ted-Ed presentation about iGEM, as well as Lambert's current iGEM project, and ways the project could be improved. Over 100 people listened live to her presentation, and her presentation broadcasted on Ted-Ed's Youtube channel. The presentation given is embedded below.


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