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Safety Data Sheet

Lambert iGEM was inspired by Safety Data Sheet training and created a “Cheat Sheet”, which explains how to read a MSDS. The team taught the Biotechnology classes at Lambert High School how to properly read a MSDS. To read the "Cheat Sheet yourself, click HERE .

Team members Ellie Kim and Natalie Shih in the lab

Ethics Flowchart

Are you tired of spending countless hours pondering whether your project is ethical or not? Lambert iGEM has a quick and easy solution to your dilemma: an ethics flowchart.

Click HERE to download the flowchart.

Click HERE to read more about our ethics collaboration at Emory.

Team member Gaurav Byagathavalli pondering
whether his experiment is ethical

Atlanta Maker Faire: Building With Biology

Lambert iGEM's booth at the Maker Faire
The Maker Faire is a one day event where scientists, engineers and other “makers” gather to promote their craft to the public. Lambert iGEM hosted a booth where the public could learn about synthetic biology. The activities we provided were from a kit provided by Building with Biology, a foundation dedicated to the education of synthetic biology to the public. Lambert iGEM informed the public about synthetic biology utilizing models of ClpXP demonstrating its function in protein degradation. The Chrome-Q was also showcased as a cheaper option to the plate reader for underfunded labs. In addition, the team asked the children that stopped at the Lambert iGEM booth ”why are you interested in science?” Along with hosting a booth, the team was inspired by other Makers in the Atlanta area, including the Decatur Maker Space, whom are opening their own DIY Bio lab. The Lambert iGEM was able to discuss opportunities for the upcoming Spring. The team will be hosting training nights to help teach standard protocols in cloning to the interested public.

iGEM Open House

Lambert hosted an Open House at the school lab. They introduced their 2017 project to companies, parents, and students in the community. Individuals were able to conduct lab protocols and work on lab techniques such as gel electrophoresis and micropipetting. In attendance were School Administrators, Board of Education members and representatives from local companies.

Team members teaching basic micropipetting skills at iGEM's open house

Donations to the Place

The blanket kits that were donated to the Place
Lambert iGEM donated blankets to The Place, a nonprofit Social Service Organization that is located in Forsyth County. The blankets will be distributed to the homeless in the community. The team members also collected toothbrushes, toothpaste, and hand sanitizer to accompany the blankets.

Biotechnology Club

iGEM team members leading a Biotechnology Club meeting
Lambert iGEM founded a Biotechnology Club for students interested in science. The team informed Lambert students about rudimentary principles and procedures utilized by iGEM members. Biotechnology members will have the opportunity to conduct the entire iGEM workflow.

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