Team:Lethbridge HS/Achievements

Bronze Medal

Part Characterizations
We successfully produced the following parts: BBa_K2481108 See Results

The completion of our project depended on a number of individuals who we thanked on our attributions page!

Silver Medal

We characterized the following parts: BBa_K2481108 See Results

This year we collaborated with both the Lethbridge Collegiate iGEM Team, as well as the University of Calgary Collegiate iGEM Team

Human Practices
A number of human practices activities were completed, as can be seen from the corresponding wiki page.

Gold Medal

Improved Part
We improved several parts this season.

Demonstration of work
A working prototype was developed of our project.

Integrated human practices
Our project was developed using the feedback from potential stakeholders, and experts such as the Warwick Printing Company, and Dr. Greg Vilk.

Icons made by Googlefrom is licensed byCC 3.0 BY


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