Team:Lethbridge HS/Attributions

We would like to thank the following people for making this project possible:

Allison Leam, Candace Chan, Chaeli Cowan, Halla Wagner, Kelly Situ, Kyle Bodell, Autumn Schmidt, Denysse Garcia, Stefanie Dang, Nimaya De Silva and Ross Oliver for working in wet lab sessions, and working on human practices endeavors.

Haroon Ahmed for the business investigation, conducting interviews and public outreach.

Stefanie Dang for the graphic designing aspect of our wiki, presentation and poster.

Dinula De Silva for hosting a coding workshop and troubleshooting wiki problems.

Chris Isaac specialist mentor through GeekStarter, for help with initial project design, presentation tips and critiques, coding workshop and troubleshooting wiki problems.

Dr. Greg Vilk phD in biochemistry and works in the liaison office at U of L, for meeting to discuss how our project would develop as a business and giving us more information on how patents and intellectual property work

Sean Roberts in attendance during Greg Vilk meeting

Keith Aiken in attendance during Greg Vilk meeting and for help with wiki and presentation visuals

Dave Warwick and the Warwick Company for interviewing with us to discuss how they would use our end product and what changes we would need to implement in our design and for letting team members go on a tour of their facilities

Sheanne Cox for providing us feedback on our curriculum proposal.

Winston Churchill Science Department for providing us feedback on our curriculum proposal.

Lethbridge City Council for allowing our team to present and share our project to its members.

Advisors Sydnee Calhoun, Erin Kelly and Harland Brandon for overseeing our weekly meetings and lab sessions and guiding us through our project.

University of Lethbridge Collegiate iGEM team for their help in mentoring our team, lab and wiki troubleshooting, joint curriculum research and testing our system with the PURE system.

University of Calgary iGEM team for allowing us to participate in a Canada-wide iGEM newsletter initiative.

University of Lethbridge, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department for hosting the wet lab workspace as well as the classrooms for our weekly meetings.

Wieden and Kothe lab for providing wet lab equipment and reagents needed for our day-to-day experiments.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Wieden for hosting the iGEM program and overseeing administrative matters.

Dr. Brian Dempsey for mentoring the team in day-to-day affairs, planning and organizing high school workshops and handling administrative matters.

And our generous sponsors!


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