Team:Lethbridge HS/Collaborations

University of Lethbridge Collegiate iGEM Team

We have been working with the University of Lethbridge Collegiate iGEM Team on the curriculum development aspects involved in both of our projects. Their project focuses on producing a cell-free system that would be used as a teaching tool in high schools. As both of our teams need research completed on curriculum development, collaboration is the perfect idea. Research done by both teams was shared with each other. For example, a team member from the Lethbridge Collegiate iGEM Team interviewed a group of science teachers from Winston Churchill High School for further opinions and suggestions on integrating another scientific component to the curriculum. This interview expanded to include a member from our team as well. Members of our team also reviewed the education modules that they developed. Another aspect in this collaboration includes having our team act as a practice audience for a project presentation from the collegiate team, to evaluate our level of understanding of their project. Their team also attended meetings of ours to provide feedback on our presentation prior to two competitions this season. In addition to this, members of their team have been mentoring us in lab work, and coding, and have also provided general guidance during team meetings as advisers to the team. Their team also tested our melanin construct (BBa_ K281401) using the PURExpress system to see if it could be successfully produced. This helped provide further characterization of the part. As the collegiate iGEM Team's project focuses on creating a cell-free system, their system should be able to produce pigment as well.

University of Calgary iGEM Team

Our team had the pleasure of participating in a Canada-wide newsletter created by the University of Calgary iGEM Team. We submitted segments about our project for two issues. The newsletter also allowed us to learn about the different iGEM projects around Canada.


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