Team:Lethbridge HS/Human Practices

Over the past year, members of our team engaged in a variety of human practices endeavors. These ranged from educational activities involving the community, such as a parent-teacher night, where we introduced parents from our community to iGEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) initiatives; moreover, our team held a forum at City Hall to create awareness of the great upsides to iGEM. In addition, we conducted interviews with experts in the ink industry and environmental fields, such as Dave Warwick of Warwick Printing Co. and Greg Vilk from the University of Lethbridge Liaison Office. We have also explored the possibility of integrating synthetic biology and STEAM initiatives into our public school system, beginning with an interview with Sheanne Cox, a local elementary school teacher.

Overall, the criteria for silver and gold medal requirements in human practices was met (as can be seen by exploring the wiki pages).

    City Hall Presentation
    Parent-Teacher Night
    Shine-On Festival
    Warwick Printing Co. Tour


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