"Our Rescue Team"

We would like to thank these wonderful individuals for helping us and guiding us through the strenuous process known as project and experimental design. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without any of you! Thank you for your guidance and support!

Our Instructors

Ron Weiss

Professor Ron Weiss joined the BE and EECS faculties as dual associate professor (with tenure) starting in July 2009, having moved from Princeton University where he held comparable rank in their department of electrical engineering and with a joint appointment in their department of molecular biology. His degrees are double BA in Computer Science and Economics from Brandeis University (1992), followed by SM and PhD in EECS at MIT (1994, 2001). Professor Weiss’s research focuses on programming new cellular behaviors by designing and embedding synthetic gene networks that perform desired functions in single cells and multicellular environments. This nascent field of synthetic biology holds promise for a wide range of applications such as programmed tissue engineering, cancer therapeutics, environmental biosensing and effecting, biomaterial fabrication, and an improved understanding of naturally occurring biological processes.

Brian Teague

Brian Teague is currently a postdoctoral associate in Ron Weiss’ laboratory. He earned his B.A. in biochemistry and computer science from Rice University and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Brian’s interests include instrumentation for interrogating biological systems; extracting meaning from large data sets (statistics, algorithms, modeling, visualization, ontologies); emergence of global behavior from local rules in single cells; and turning undergraduates into scientists.

Our Advisors
Liz Strand

Liz is a rising senior, and previous iGEMer from 2016. Whenever the current team has a question that requires an immediate answer, she never hesitates to help. This includes how to set up a protocol, or whether a member is pipetting the correct way. No matter what the circumstance, Liz is there to help. All while doing her own research!

Wangui Mbuguiro

Wangui Mbuguiro is a recent MIT graduate (2017) and iGEM alum (2016). Through iGEM, Wangui developed her love for research and community engagement, which she is continuing as she pursues her PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins. Inside of lab, Wangui enjoys cloning and hanging out with this year’s iGEM team (mostly being helpful). Outside of lab, she enjoys reading and writing poetry, running near water, and teaching.

BE Communication Lab

MIT's Biological Engineering Communication Lab features trained graduate student and postdoc Communication Fellows who offer individual coaching, targeted workshops, and a range of initiatives to support their peers as they learn key transferable communication skills that will help them achieve their career goals. They were extremely helpful by giving us feedback on many aspects of our project including presentations, written documents, and graphics.