Public Engagement

British Science Week

We had a stand in British Science Week where we engaged with primary school kids to promote synthetic biology. In our stand, we explained to them the benefits of synthetic biology and how it can be used to produce synthetic flavors such as vanillin. Afterwards, we had the kids to vote on which they believe are the best methods to produce these flavors: synthetic biology, chemical methods, and agriculture farming. The most popular vote by the kids was agriculture farming with synthetic biology coming second.

Blogs and Magazine

We were able to promote our project to the public by publishing it in a blog, EUSynbioS, and a student magazine in Manchester called Humanity Hallows.

Promotional Video

We realized that social media would be a particularly powerful way of engaging with a large world-wide audience: we published two one-minute clips about iGEM and Phosphostore on our Facebook account. These videos aim to spark interest in the public, by providing a brief and entertaining description of each topic.