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Manhattan College School of Science

Manhattan College Support

The Manhattan College iGEM project was made possible by generous funding from the the School of Science and the Provost's Office. Specifically we would like to thank the Dean of Sciences, Dr. Constantine Theodosiou , provost Dr. William Clyde , Dr. Rani Roy and Elly Mons . Without their continued support our project would have never left the ground. The School of Science supported our team registration fee and the Jamboree registration for two students. The Provost's office also supported a portion of the Jamboree registration fees for an additional two students. We would also like to acknowledge the materials and equipment contributions from both the Wilkins Lab and the Santulli Lab of Manhattan College.

Dr. William Clyde (provost)


Dr. Constantine Theodosiou (Dean of Science)


Dr. Rani Roy (Assistant Vice President for Student & Faculty Development)


Elly Mons (Assistant Director, Center for Graduate School & Fellowship Advisement)

Additional Company Support

We would like to thank IDT for their tremendous support of the iGEM foundation and their contribution to our project. IDT provided us with 7 gene blocks.
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Faculty and Advisors

We would like to especially thank the following people for their commitment to the Manhattan College iGEM team.

Bryan Wilkins (PI)

Bryan Wilkins

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Alexander Santulli (PI)

Alexander Santulli

Assistant Professor of Nanochemistry

Will Shindel (advisor)

Will Shindel

Lab Manager, Genspace

Dr. Ghislaine Mayer (not pictured)

We would also like to thank Dr. Mayer of the Biology Department for allowing us to access to the plate reader.

Student Team Contributions

This project was conceptualization and designed by our team. Our faculty mentors helped us by teaching us new biological and nanoscience techniques. When our project encountered problems our mentors were available to help guide us through troubleshooting but the execution of the experiments were performed by the students on the team.

Farzana Begum (student leader)

Active in all parts of the project. Farzana played a leading role in the synthesis of our nanowires. She also aided in building our expression plasmids, performing protein test expressions and building our biobricks. She was a major driving force behind this project.

Brian Evans (student leader)

Brian played a leading role in the design and execution of this project. He is credited with the research background and helping determine our mutant enzymes. He played an extensive role in creating our expression plasmids, verifying ligation results, isolating our proteins and characterizing their activity.

Amanda Lazkani (fundraising leader)

Amanda has played a key role in organizing and managing our fundraising events for our iGEM team. She has also aided in the synthesis of our nanowires and other research aspects of the project.

Syeda Rithu (wiki leader)

Syeda has played a critical role in establishing our wiki page and being our IT administrator.

Ashley Abid (administrative leader)

Ashley has been playing a critical role behind the scenes as a student advisor and administrator. Ashley has been coordinating and partaking in meetings with our external advisor and has also played the lead role in creating our fundraising page on

Dawud Abdur-Rashid

Dawud has played a role in each of the research aspects of this project. He helped create our expression plasmids, perform test expressions and initiate the digests for our biobricks.

Gregory Sanossian

Gregory joined our team later than the other members and did not have much time to enter the lab for physical experiments. He has been contributing by taking a lead role in coordinating our Human Practices efforts. He also helped in the design of our project presentation and poster.

Samuel Corby

Sam has played a role in various aspects of the project. He has focused mostly on helping build our biobricks.