Team:ManhattanCol Bronx/InterLab

Interlab Studies

Our team has successfully performed and submitted the InterLab study experiments and data.

The devices were transformed into DH5alpha cells by Farzana Begum and Amanda Lazkani. Farzana and Brian Evans inoculated the cells for the experiment and Farzana aided in the collection of the data.

We followed the iGEM protocol for the plate reader found at the plate reader protocol link on the 2017 InterLab web site.

We want to thank Dr. Ghislaine Mayer for granting us access to the Biology Department's plate reader. We used a Promega Glomax Explorer.

Interlab Standard Curves

InterLab standard 1

Fluorescein Standard Curve

InterLab standard 2

Fluorescein Standard Curve (log scale)


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