Team leader: Zhou Yu
Team members: Gui Yijun, Liang Chenxi, Liu Hengxin, Li Kaiming, Luo Qi, Sun Xuedi, Wu Jincheng, Zhang Zhihui

Zhou Yu founded the team and recruited the members. He allocated assignments to us based on our skills and interests. There is no doubt that his outstanding leadership ensured everything proceeded according to plan.

Every one of us has participated in experiments.

Liu Hengxin worked on the establishment and the art design of the website. Luo Qi, Zhang Zhihui, Li Kaiming, Gui Yijun and Wu Jincheng participated in web copywriting.

Liang Chenxi, Luo Qi and Gui Yijun was responsible for writing the texts in our poster, yet Liu Hengxin and Liang Chenxi were in charge of the design of it. They cooperated very well.

Gui Yijun, Liang Chenxi, Wu Jincheng, Zhou Yu and our instructor Chen Xi all went to the interview in the hospital with professionals. Liu Hengxin analyzed the data online obtained through web-crawling technique to dig into people’s attitude towards weight-losing. All of us made questionaires and distributed them out. Gui Yijun, Liang Chenxi, Luo Qi and Zhou Yu went to the CCiC held by Fujian Agriculture and Foresty University, where they got acquainted with other teams’ projects and learned a lot.

Liang Chenxi, Luo Qi and Gui Yijun made the speech PPT and will give the presentations during the competition altogether.


Zhou Yu : He founded the team and recruited the members. He allocated assignments to us everyone based on our strengths and interests. There is no doubt that his outstanding leadership ensured everything that needed to be done would get done.


Chen Xi : He is an amazing and inspiring teacher. Thanks to his encouragement, we are eager to put forward innovative ideas and voice our own opinions about the ongoing work. Besides, what impresses us most is that he helps us patiently whenever we have trouble with our projects. He offers so much support and help, from the construction of the whole experimental frame to the references we choose. And I believe that’s why our project went well.

Chenyu Zhang : Professor Zhang is well-known for his research and development work about microRNAs. He provided us with experimental instruments and equipment. What’s more, he gave the guidance on the human practice and had contacted relevant authorities to guarantee all the activities in the plan could be on the rail. All of us feel very grateful for that.


Zhou Zhen , Hu Xiuting


It has been a long way for NJU-China from organizing the team to writing this. We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to every individual and institute that had helped us in the past year.
Thank Prof. Zhang Chenyu and Prof. Chen Xi for their unwavering support who helped the revision of the idea. Thank our advisors Hu Xiuting and Zhou Zhen for their assistance on our experiments. Thank our instructor Zhou Yu for his invaluable input on the whole project.
Thanks for the funding support from M3 lab, Department of Life Science and Office of Academic Affairs of Nanjing University, who provided the laboratory and required material involved in the experiments of our project. Thank NJU Advanced Institution for Life Science and Jiangsu Engineering Center for MicroRNA Biology and Technology for the technical support. Thank Nanjing Genaral Hospital for providing the opportunity of human practice.