Chenyu Zhang

M.D. Ph.D.
Professor of Biochemistry
Director, Advanced Institute of Life Sciences
Vice-Chancellor, Nanjing University

Xi Chen

Professor of Biochemistry


Yu Zhou

He founded the team and recruited the members. He allocated assignments to us everyone based on our strengths and interests. There is no doubt that his outstanding leadership ensured everything that needed to be done would get done.


Xiuting Hu

Third-year postgraduate student from Advanced Institution for Life Sciences of Nanjing University.

Zhen Zhou


Team Members

Yijun Gui

Hi iGEMers! I’m Yijun From Nanjing University, a senior student majoring in Life Sciences. So glad to join our NJU-China family and the past few months we spent together were really memorable and meaningful to me. In our team, I contributed mostly to some experiments and human practice. And I’m also one of the presenters to illustrate our project at the Giant Jamboree in iGEM2017. iGEM really provided me with a good opportunity to communicate and share ideas with outstanding peers without border. And now I’m prepared for the jamboree fun !

Qi Luo

Hello! I’m LQ from NJU-China. Love music especially Rock&Roll and Beatles. Compared to that, less into bio-lab work hah hah…… Anyway, glad to be in this team and have learned sooooo much in iGEM these days!

Chenxi Liang

We are in great need of finding the exact same guy in this picture. He is about this high, rather skinny. He easily gets interested in many things but has no personality and speciality. If you find this person, first, calm down, this man is easy to approach and he does no harm to the society(most likely). Second, give whatever you have, money, food, etc. Third, just leave. We'd really appreciate your cooperation.

Hengxin Liu

Hi iGEMers! I’m Hengxin From Nanjing University. Very happy to join our NJU-China family. In our team, I am mainly responsible for wiki-design and modeling. That is not very easy so I got well trained. Looking forward to the jamboree!

Jincheng Wu

Why do I join igem? well, to keep myself busy and for fun, I’m full of energy, I need to release them, or I’ll blow up. In NJU CHINA, I mainly participated in lab work such as interlab, validation both in vivo and in vitro. Besides, I also took part in Human practice. After this year’s igem experience, my major research interest turned from confusion to synthetic biology, but still, I would start with molecular biology for my further research. By the way, I like playing basketball and my favorite player is KOOOOOBE

Xuedi Sun

Hi, my name is Xuedi Sun, a senior student of the school of life science in Nanjing University. In our team, I mainly participated in lab works ,such as Western blots, PCR and so on. During this time, we share ideas each other, discuss and solve problems together. It’s a great opportunity to improve my experimental skills and I have gained so much. Thanks, my team and wish we could have a wonderful time in Boston.

Kaiming Li

I am Kaiming Li, a junior student from School of Life Sciences, Nanjing University. My current research interests are in the field of molecular cell biology. It is the first time for me to discover synthetic biology and take part in iGEM. iGEM provides me with the opportunity to manage a whole research project and practice my experimental skills with a group of enthusiastic contemporaries. In addition to lab works, I enjoy reading papers, listening to classical music and doing sports in my spare time. Feel free to contact me by sending email to!

Zhihui Zhang

Zhihui Zhang
Nanjing university
I am trying to introduce myself to you.

Thanks for reading

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