Team:NKU China/Attributions

Attributions in Fim switch Constructuion
Jiaxing Yang, Junli Nie, Chenyue Guo, Zixi Yin:
rhlABC-fimS-BcsA Gene Circuits Construction;
RFP-fimS-GFP Gene Circuits Construction;
fimE recombinase Construction;
Zhuochen Zhang, Zhuoer Dong:
Mathematical Modeling; Human Practice;
Yuhan Wu:
Human Practice;
Xudong Zhang:
Wiki Construction; Human Practice;
Qinge Liang:
Art Design; Human Practice;
Defu Chen: As our primary PI, Prof. Defu Chen gave great financial support for team registration, human practice activities and so on. He also provided tremendous organizational support for our team.

Ting Ma: As our secondary PI, Prof. Ting Ma took an active part in our discussion and provided us with essential instructions throughout the process.

Ge Gao: As our advisor, Ge Gao gave us clear and useful instructions on the specific experimental problems, which had greatly promoted our project.
We would like to thank Prof. Dongwei Wang for his helpful advice on our project. We would like to thank Prof. Zhihui Cheng for taking part in iGEM Asia Team Leaders' Workshop. We would like to thank State Key Laboratory of Elemento-organic Chemistry and the Ministry Key Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology and Technology for experimental apparatus supporting. We would also like to thank for all the teams that collaborate with us to improve our projects. These teams are from Tianjin University, Jilin University, Northeastern University, South China University of Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University and Tianjin University of Science and Technology.



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