Team:NKU China/Collaborations

Collaboration is of great importance in iGEM competition. Through collaborations, iGEM teams help each other to promote a good result for everybody. We have been actively seeking collaborations with other iGEM teams to discuss our projects and learn from their experience.
iGEM team Tianjin comes from School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University. We helped them to detect the activity of CUP1 promoter. Fluorescence was measured, and the results were presented below:
Besides, Team Tianjin helped us construct a plasmid that can express lyase upon the presence of xylose.
iGEM team JLU had problem with the image acquisition of the bacterium, therefore we helped them observe the bacterial morphology under different conditions and took photos. Although it took some time, we are pleased that our work is meaningful to JLU. What’s more, we build up friendship with JLU iGEMers.
Ara & IPTG
Team Jilin_China helped us test the work effect of fim system. When IPTG is added, the fluorescence turns from GFP to RFP because the fim system works.
iGEM team NEU-China comes from Northeastern University. We have communicated a lot about both our projects and have made many useful suggestions for each other.
We helped NEU-China construct the distribution of the olfactory receptor 1D2 with a Rho tag in the N-terminal.
They helped us verify the function of the lyase gene, suggesting our strategy to destroy the bacterium using lyase was practical. After adding arabinose, the bacterium began to produce lyase, leading to their death.
iGEM team HFUT-China comes from Hefei University of Technology. We tested their system and shared our feeling. It is a really practical system, which is also convenient for using.



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