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Demonstration of emulsifying effect of fermentation broth
We used diesel to verify the emulsifying effect of FIL-07 ABCRI. We added fermentation broth of FY-07 and FY-07 ABC to the diesel in the two tubes respectively. Shook the test tube, and then stood for six hours. After that, we can clearly observe that the diesel fuel in the test tube, which added fermentation broth FY-07 ABC, was emulsified. Experimental results show that the FY-07 ABC, which produce rhamnolipid, can be a good emulsion of oil.
Demonstration of emulsifying effect of fermentation broth
In the experimental results already in our laboratory, it has been shown that the cellulose produced by Enterobacter sp. FY-07 has a clogging effect on soil channels.
Discussion and future plans
In this summer, we have proven that every part of our project design is available. We can believe that the engineered Enterobacter sp. FY-07 can block the channels in the soil and emulsify the oil. Just because some of the difficulties can be solved, our construction of the bacteria have not yet been completed. In the next days, we will complete the construction of the bacteria and further verify its function.



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