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Human Practice
At the beginning of choosing the project, we hoped to benefit more ordinary people and to make some contribution to the community through synthetic biology. Therefore, we searched for the projects which had strong applications. With several discussions with the professors in our college, we finally chose the enhanced oil recovery as our major concern.
We mainly performed and enhanced our project from the following two aspects:
To make more people know about our project and get their concern about the oil recovery problem, we have given several lectures about our project. What’s more, we found their most concerns about the project through the questionnaire survey.
We have communicated with iGEMers from various schools and regions to get further understanding of iGEMers’ common concern about the competition such as technical difficulties. Also, we had deep conversations with oil practitioners. They came up with many good suggestions in a professional point of view, which showed great space for our project to enhance.
In the course of communication, we found that professionals paid more attention to the controllability and induced cost of the Fim system, while the common peoples would prefer to strengthen the biosafety aspect. Therefore, we did the modeling to illustrate the switch efficiency and introduced another plasmid carrying lyase gene to avoid the diffusion of our bacterium after being used.



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