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Integrated and Gold
In the analysis process, we tried to find the relationship between the two questions “Do you think it is feasible to use microbes to assist in the extraction of oil” and “Are you interested in understanding the oil microbes and answering their own confusion”. Therefore, we performed the cross-over analysis. The analysis results show that the majority of people who endorse microbial enhanced oil recovery have tried to learn about our project in multiple ways, while people who have not expressed their thoughts mostly once have tried to understand the project but failed.
X\Y a) Of course, in the process of answering the questionnaire I have searched the relevant information b) Of course, in the answer to the questionnaire, I had a reference to the poster c) Of course, but I do not know the way to understand d) No interest, this technique looks too complicated, I do not want to touch e) Others
a) Feasible, from the principle point of view is entirely feasible 41.67% 33.33% 33.33% 4.17% 0
b) Feasible, as far as I know this technology has been applied to the production 50% 50% 22.73% 0 0
c) Not feasible, although the principle is feasible but does not represent the actual 100% 0 0 0 0
d) Infeasible, and the application of technology may be immature, but cause economic losses or other hazards 0 0 100% 0 0
e) Do not know, there are experts specializing in research, I do not express my views 0 18.75% 50% 37.5% 0
f) Others 0(0%) 0(0%) 0(0%) 0(0%) 0(0%)
We compared the answers of the same question “Do you think it is feasible to use microbes to assist in the extraction of oil” pre- and post- presentation. In fact, more people have realized that the microbial oil recovery is feasible, particularly, feasible in principal.
In addition, many people expressed concerns about biosafety, which will be showed in the pages of HP and safety.
PS: The questionnaire is issued in Chinese statistics, for the convenience of reading, some translated into English.



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