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  BBa_K2280000CodingLyaseZixi Yin534
  BBa_K2280003Codingrecombinant enzymes in the E. coli fimbriae (Fim) phase variation systemJiaxing Yang597
  BBa_K2280004Regulatory A 314 bp segment of DNA (fimS) that contains the fimA promoterJiaxing Yang478
Best New Basic Part:BBa_K2280000
This part is a coding gene that encodes lyase. Lyase is an enzyme that catalyzes the breaking of various chemical bonds by means other than hydrolysis and oxidation. When the lyase gene expresses, the bacterium will die, which will avoid the diffusion of bacterium to the environment.
The function of the lyase is incredible, as our experiment shows.
We introduced pBC-ara-lyase into the E.coli S17. After applying arabinose to the culture medium, the lyase gene began to express and the bacterium died.



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