Team:NKU China/Silver

In order to better disseminate our project, we combined mobile publicity and fixed-point publicity. Our publicity lasted half a week and had incredible effect. We had designed pre-presentation and post-presentation questionnaire to acquire a more intuitive understanding of our publicity effect.
After the end of the HP work, especially in education:

Our team leader Zixi Yin told us: “Through the publicity of our project, we felt the enthusiasm of the public about synthetic biology. To our surprise, many nonprofessional people with various backgrounds showed great interest in our idea. They asked the motivation, the design and the effects of our project. An old man even asked how we realized our goal in details. We tried our best to explain our project to them. Besides, we gathered many useful suggestions from them. We are excited that our publicity has such great influence on common people.”

Our pretty younger co-worker Zhuochen Zhang thought there was no doubt that our disseminate would have a great success. But the truth made her confused. We prepared a short speech, little gifts, and lovely folders in both Chinese and English, and why people care about Boston most?

Our Human Practice official Yuhan Wu said that: “Indeed, the preach met a lot of difficulties: in the October 8 to October 23 this half a month, we had little experience in the beginning and choose a 3 hours’ rain propaganda made everyone exhausted, but only a few familiar students stopped and listened; the community preach contact began at the end of September to, but nearly a month after we have the opportunity to stand on the podium ... ... However, last week, I received a phone made me a driving force to continue to do - a off-campus lady who stayed nearly an hour after campus disseminate to get a further understand asked some forgotten details. ”

Dear designer of all the picture-Qinge Liang said: “Questionnaire survey part impressed me a lot and made me sigh deeply. It was frustrated for me to scent out that the majority of people lacked knowledge of synthetic biology, some of them even had deep misunderstanding of gene manipulation. Even though meticulously designing and preparing for the propaganda foldout, I found out that few people had interest in our project. So at the beginning, collecting the questionnaire was extremely difficult for us. After lectures and propaganda, we filled with elation and amazement for the results. The difference is significant!! Feeling our small efforts on raising public consciousness of petroleum engineering and synthetic biology affords us a sense of achievement and satisfaction.”
iGEM Asia Team Leaders’Workshop
NKU_China sent Professor Cheng Zhihui and the Team Leader Yin Zixi to attend the IGEM Asia Team Leaders’ Workshop, which was held in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on July 17th, 2017.

The officials of IGEM expounded the biosafety issue, the assessment and procedure of the competition and other questions in which igemers were interested.

After the workshop, Professor Cheng Zhihui and Dr. Pier Milett had a profound and practical discussion about the problems we came across in the project. Then, we took a photo together.
Team Tianjin and team TJU_China
Team NKU_China and Team Tianjin have communicated closely since the teams were built. On April 3rd, 2017, the newly formed team NKU_China and team Tianjin planned to have a meeting during team Tianjin’s stay for a campus talk on Begonia Festival.

We came across the team TJU_China on the way to the meeting. We noticed that their project of blood type test attracted lots of visitors. Also we learned that it was the first time they had participated in IGEM. Due to the limit of time, we just took a picture together and waved goodbye to each other.

Then we finally arrived at the site of the campus talk. Some girls from our team who just started to know about IGEM joined in an interesting science quiz organized by TJU, and they got pillows with begonia patterns as small gifts for their good performance. It is so lovely to see that the girls held the pillows tightly when they posed for a photo.
Five teams in Nankai University
In the afternoon of 1st of August, students from Nankai University, Tianjin University, Jilin University, Tianjin University of Science&Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University gathered together on our campus. We communicated with each other on the meeting held in the fourth building after the visit to the laboratories. Team leaders posed for several photos, in which they pointed their forefingers at their teams’ own emblems.
The fourth ccic meeting was held in Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University on 26th of August.

Teammates of NKU_CHINA got up at 4 AM to set off for the meeting place when it was still dark outside. All the teams exhibited their posters with unique designs on the meeting. However, our poster attracted a large group of people for the cooperation of our teams. The questionnaire with 2D bar code was quite eye-catching and the presentation from two teammates won much applause.

We exchanged our ideas after the meeting and ended our travel to ccic meeting with a group photo.
Shengli Oilfield
We further investigated into Shengli Oilfield and saw how the producing wells and water injection wells work in the current oil production. We also had face-to-face conversation with the workers and specialists here. They attached more importance to the controllability and induced cost of the Fim system, which was evidently different from the researchers in the laboratory.



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