Team:NTHU Taiwan/Attributions




Chan Wei-Jen, Yang Ting, and Chen To-Wen.

Showed leadership through integrating the information between the wet lab, dry lab, and human practice and supervised all the team members to make sure all the work can be done.

Part designers:

Chan, Wei-Jen

Designed the bio bricks and inspected all the sequences to make sure these parts can work with their functions.

Model, Software and Hardware design:

Hsiao Jen-Hsuan, Zeng Guo-Wei, Liao Yi-Chun and Hou Chuan-En.

Designed and tested the hardware and software prototype of our proposed farmland water protection system. Moreover, we also conducted modelling to predict the performance and sharpened the design

Lab work:

Chen An-Rong, Chan Wei-Jen, Yang Ting, Chen To-Wen, Kuo Che-Wei, and Shu Chi-Hung.

Finished the molecular biology lab work to produce all possible results.

Human practice:

Cho Han-Lin, Wei Hsin-Yin, and Chang Chih-Hua.

Transited our project to the public and tried to find possible iGEM teams for collaboration.

Wiki design:

Chang Ya-Kuei.

Designed and constructed our wiki pages, and our project can be seen on the Internet.


Thanks for these instructors help us to complete the project in this year:

Prof. Ya-Tang Yang:

Provided the lab for us to do experiments and give us a lot of advice. We thank for his support and suggestion.

Prof. Cheng Chao-Min:

Provided suggestion and take care all the team members in Great Jamboree. We thank for his support.

Prof. Chiang Yun-Wei:

Provided his lab for us to purify and refold protein and give us some suggestions for the experiment.We thank for his support and suggestion.


Project support and advice

1. Prof. Warren C. Ruder

Appreciate to Prof. Warren C. Ruder for providing suggestions to our project.

2. Prof. Yu-Chun Lin

Appreciate to Prof.Yu-Chun Lin for listening to our project and providing many useful pieces of advice.

3. Prof. Wen-Liang Chen

Appreciate to Prof. Wen-Liang Chen for supporting our project and give multiple suggestions.

4. Prof. Tsai-Te Lu

Appreciate to Prof. Tsai-Te Lu for being our staunch backing.

5. Chih-Hsien Lee and Che-Kang Chang

Appreciate to Chih-Hsien Lee and Che-Kang Chang for supporting our project and give the experience to help solve problems.

Lab support

1. Prof. Ya-Tang Yang:

Appreciate to Ya-Tang Yang professor for providing the laboratory to NTHU_Taiwan. Prof. Ya-Tang Yang is a nanoscientist, electrical engineer, bioengineer and Associate Professor of Electrical Engineer at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Taiwan.The most important thing is Prof. Ya-Tang Yang is our major advisor, and we are grateful for the invaluable help he provided.

2.Prof. Chiang Yun-Wei:

Appreciate to Prof. Chiang Yun-Wei for providing his lab for us to purify and refold protein and offering many experimental recommendations to us.

3.Prof. Cheng Chao-Min:

Appreciate to Prof. Cheng Chao-Min for providing suggestions and taking care of our members in Great Jamboree. We thank for his support.

4.Prof. Hsin Lung-Chen:

Appreciate to Prof. Hsin Lung-Chen for providing instrument and chemical for our experiment. We thank for his support.

Government support

Science and Technology Advisors Office of Ministry of Economic Affairs

We also won the bronze prize and 5000 NTD from the GF competition of Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Human Practices support

Appreciate to the University listed below for collaboration and support:

iGEM WLC: Wisconsin Lutheran College ( USA )

iGEM UoA: The University of Auckland ( New Zealand )

iGEM NYMU: National Yang Ming University ( Taiwan )

iGEM NAU: Nanjing Agricultural University ( China )

iGEM NCKU: National Cheng Kung University ( Taiwan )

iGEM TU Delft: Technische Universiteit Delft ( Netherlands )

Difficult technique support

Shih Chien University: 3D model design cooperation.

Fundraising help and advice

1. Shun Yih Co., Ltd. (Main sponsor)

Shun Yih, as a supplier and designer of glass bottles for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, experienced in supplying companies all over the world and take pride in our customer service and satisfaction. Specializing in glass bottles for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

2. Student assistance Division scholarship

The Student Assistance Division is intended to help all students in solving difficulties occurring in school. It helps in maintaining and advancing both quality and convenience of student life. This service consists of the following categories: Tuition loans, Tuition and fee deduction for students, Student awards/discipline, Scholarships, Emergency financing, Student Insurance, Lost and found, and some other services related to student life.

3. Mr. Wang Youzhu alumni of Beijing Tsinghua University

4. Office of Research and Development of National Tsing Hua University

THU’s research and development focus on advanced basic sciences applied sciences and collaboration between industry and university. Advanced research centers show very important roles in promoting interdisciplinary, long-term projects.