Team:NTHU Taiwan/Composite Part

Composite Parts

We constructed three composite parts and all of their function have been validated:Results

BiobrickType Name Description Designer Length
K2354010Composite monobody-GBP HS Bind to ER alpha when ER alpha is bind with EDCs and it can bind on the gold surface. Chan, Wei-Jen 797
K2354011Composite INP-ER-alpha HS Expression of ER-alpha on the membrane of E. coli and ER-alpha can bind to EDCs Chan, Wei-Jen 2199
K2354012Composite HRP-his tag Degrade Estrogen Disrupt Chemicals Chan, Wei-Jen 1217


Monobody was fused with gold binding protein and linked with 6×his tag. This fused protein can bind to the gold surface by the function of the gold-binding protein, and monobody can bind to ER-alpha/EDCs complex.


ER-alpha was fused with ice nucleating protein. This fused protein can be anchored to the membrane of E. coli via the function of ice nucleating protein and ER-alpha can bind to EDCs for detection.


Horseradish peroxidase is a kind of peroxidase which uses heme as it's cofactor, and it can degrade EDCs to less toxic compounds. Moreover, we linked fused protein with 6×his tag for purification.