Team:NTU SINGAPORE/Attributions


We would like to thank the following for being part of our iGEM journey.



Macquarie University



Human Practice Support

SIMTech (A*Star) kindly printed for us the 3D models needed for our human practice project.


Lab Support

GIS (A*Star) provided us with essential equipments such as FACS machine.

one-north Festival

Human Practice Support

one-north festival organisers provided us with a platform to reach out to the public.

Ooi Kean Hean

Project Support

Kean Hean has been a great support for the iGEM team guiding the team in both the project and creating the wiki page.



Norfala made sure that the lab equipments required for our project are available. We are very grateful for her help throghout the course of the competition as she eased our journey.

Ivy Liu


Ivy taught our team essential lab techniques required for our project. Her kind disposition makes her very approachable whenever we needed advice or help related to our project. She inspires us to excel in the field of research.

Wang Yuan Ming


Yuan Ming never failed to help our team whenever needed. He was very approachable and we learnt a lot about scientific research fom him.

Asst Prof Tan Meng How

Principle Investigator

Asst Prof Tan Meng How closely guided us in our iGEM journey. He is a dedicated professor who keeps track of his students' progress via regular iGEM meetings. The meetings allowed us to raise our concerns and uncertainities related to our project.



We would like to tremendously thank the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE) of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) for sponsoring us financial support, without which this project wouldn't have run smoothly.


Our contributions to the project.



Kelvin has been contributing to the Rad52 project by regularly maintaining HEK293FT cell lines and conducting experiments such as transfection, flow cytometry, and InterLab measurement. He was responsible for organizing our workshop (to fulfil human practice criteria), and settling administrative matters

Danny Teo

Project Lead

Danny is in charge of Project Truncation, working with HEK293FT cells for flow cytometry and FACS. In addition to extensive wet lab work, he carried out analysis on crystal structure information. He was involved in designing and performing experiments for collaborations and integrated human practices.

Dam Linh Chi

Project Lead

Lin Chi has taken part in the therapeutics (EGFR) project by maintaining multiple cell lines like A549, PC9 and H3255. FACS and T7E assays have also been part of her regular work in the NTU iGEM team.

Jaclyn Lee

Project Support

Jaclyn started working on the therapeutics (EGFR) project in September 2016 as her undergraduate research project and continued working on it for iGEM. She has worked on multiple techniques like plasmid cloning and transfection in the PC9 cell line.

Kasturi Markandran

Wiki Lead

Kasturi has contributed to the Truncation Project by carrying out transfection and PCR. Kasturi was mostly involved in creating the wiki page for the team.

Ng Hsin Yueh

Project Support

Hsin Yueh has assisted in conducting research on the therapeutics (EGFR) project. She has assisted in techniques such as tranfection, FACS and T7E assays.

Avneet Kaur

Wiki & Project Support

Avneet has contributed to the Truncation project in the NTU iGEM Team by performing experiments such as PCR, qPCR, transfection and regular maintenance of cells.

Meliana Chen

Project Support

She has been contributing to the Computational Biology sector of the iGEM project at NTU.


Wiki Support

Denyse was involved in creating the wiki page the team and contributing to our workshop.

Shaw Kar Ming

Project Support

Kar Ming conducted experiment for the Truncation project, InterLab measurement and collaboration with Macquarie University.