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Publizing with new media

This year our track is fundamentally advanced. Because our product--miRNA inhibitors--is not familiar to the general public, our necessary first step to get public engagement is to let them make friends with miRNA and our project!

In order to achieve a greater influence and outreach, we decided to have our popular science article pushed forward by WeChat subscriptionThe WeChat ID of the subscription account is zaxue8. It aims to spread knowledge to the masses. In addition, we used many internet memes in this article for a more vivid expression, and it worked just as we had expected!

By now, 2666 people have read this article, and the number is still increasing. Since it is on the internet, people can open it without limitation of time and space. And we can easily acquire the effectiveness of publication by reading rate and top comments.

You can read the article below as well as scaning the QR code by WeChat to read our articles on your phone:

Since we estimate miRNA is not popular among masses, we attached a small survey at the end of the article, and the result is:

This chart shows that the miRNA popularization still has a long way to go, and it might take a long time before taking the second step.

Do you want a picture book?

Many people feel bored to read something contain nothing but words, especially when the words is about academics. After entering college, I realized that the illustration in textbooks are too limited. We do not want others to feel the same when they try to read our pamphlets, so we made it a beautiful picture book, printed and separated.

Lecture in high school

High school students are young, vibrant, and always open to new things.

Last year, our team had an Lab Open Day for some high school students. One student named Zhang Herui showed great interest in iGEM competition and synthetic biology and is recruited into our team this year. For this year's project, considering that there are few references of miRNA mentioned in textbooks, we walked into her school to fill the blanks and introduce our project.

Moving our glow sticks for synthetic biology

In June, our team was invited to give a lecture on iTED Sharing held by the Squirrel Club of NUDT. The theme of the lecture is biotech 2.0-the synthetic biology and iGEM in my eyes. Through this lecture, we gave the present students an introduction of our research field. We aimed to share our ideas with undergraduates and get feedbacks form the interactive section. Additionally, the popularization of synthetic biology is achieved.


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