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Hello! My name is Lingyun Zhu and I'm one of the PIs of this team.

Hello! My name is Lvyun Zhu and I'm one of the PIs of this team.

Hello! My name is Xiaomin Wu and I'm one of the instructors of this team.

Hello! My name is Xinyuan Qiu and I'm one of the instructors of this team.

My name is Chushu Zhu. I come from a beautiful city named Lishui, located in Zhejiang China. Frankly speaking, iGEM plays an indispensable role in my college life as it’s my third time to participate in it. However, I still feel a little nervous at the beginning because I am the team leader of NUDT_CHINA this year. Fortunately, I got a lot of encouragement from my lovely teammates, which is very helpful. Synthetic biology is so magical, and my teammates’ brilliant ideas win my great admiration as well. This project offers us a good chance to give full play to our creativity, intelligence and diligence.

My name is Chuanyang Liu, 21 years old, born in Suizhou, a small and beautiful city located in Hubei China. I major in chemistry. This is my first time to participate in iGEM. I think iGEM gives me a wonderful platform full of passion and creativity. It’s a marvelous experience to be a member of IGEM synthetic biology team. Students from various specialties cluster together for one purpose. we discuss together, brainstorm ideas together, learn experimental technology together and make progress together. Everyone in those days have learnt a lot from each other. I love IGEM, I love my team.

My name is Lijiao, He. I come from Yunnan, China, which is called the plant and animal kingdom. When I was a kid, I was curious about insects and flowers and thought that what led to the vitality of diversity. Out of favor of biology, I took part in IGEM. Over the past year, we have encountered a lot of difficulties, but never gave up. We actively communicated with other igem teams, carried out social practice and payed close attention to the new development of biological field, I have not only learned a lot, but also made a lot of friends. More importantly, I am extremely pleased to be able to contribute to the world by my efforts.

Hi everyone,I’m one of the members frome team NUDT_CHINA ,Shan Huang .Since I’m a junior student majoring in chemistry ,some specialized courses are related to biology ,which gives me a chance to learn the charm of bioscience .Out of our laboratory ,a lusty girl is my normal state .I’m risible and conversable ,I also have accomplishment in traditional instrument ,erhu ,which can cultivate my taste .I expect that I can play a positive role in my dear team.

Yilin Lei, born in Sep 1996, majoring in clinical medicine and studying in Medical School of Nanchang University as the class of 2014 student. She passed the examination of CET-6 in 2016. Miss Lei has completed the study of basic medical subjects, and is studying clinical medicine subjects. She got First aid certificate in 2015. In 2016, she went to Britain for studying for one semester in Queen Mary University. She took part in the virtual simulation experiment project about cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis guided by Dr. Tu. She participated in the research about the changes of express level in mRNA gene in breast cancer models, wrote papers and participated in the university speech contest of scientific research papers presentation. Currently, Miss Lei is working as a probationary student in the first affiliated hospital of Nanchang University.

I am Changsong Gao,21 years old, born in Henan province.I am currently a student at NUDT and major in biomedical engineering. In the past 1 years,I spend most of my time on lab. I have acquired basic knowledge of biology both in theory and in practice. My hobby is widespread,such as reading,listening to music, playing basketball. I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on lab.I think my instructor will keep pushing me on experiment just like one of his dogs.

Hey,everybody!I am Ziyi Qiao. In NUDT_China team, I was a member of the HP group. Because of the favor of biology ,I joined this team,I am currently a jounior student in my university and major in Communication and Information Engineering. Thank iGEM for the platform they offer, which makes me get acquainted with the knowledge of synbio and cytobiology and be familiar with many impressive young men. Keeping learning new things in these fields have given me great happiness. I love IGEM and I love my team.

I am Shi Haotian, a student from NUDT.Major in biology, I learn biology hard and look forward to improve my biology knowledge and experiment skill. I believe that biology technology will be of great importance in the future, so I want to contribute to the socity with what I learnt.Because I am interested in biology and want to develop practical ability, I took part in IGEM. In this year, I have spent time doing experiment as well as do some research on coasting. I think taking part in IGEM improve my biology knowledge as well as my ability to put my knowledge and practice together.

My name is Churan Wen,you can also call me Nancy. l major in clinical medicine and l'm a junior student now. In the past two years in NUDT, l performed good habits for the regular life and the strict management, like schedualing time well and making any efforts to finish my work. l think the most significant thing in life is that you know what you really want and then to make it. ln this activity, my main contributions are the design of the elblem of our team and the construction of our wiki.

I am FuHua Xie from National University of Defense Technology,a twenty-year-old boy who is from Hunan Province. Travel is my favorite outdoor activities.And what my best favorite subject is math .I also love mystery novels, and classical music can relax me .From my point and view,I believe that difficulties can never be obstacles in my way no matter how tough they are. As a university student ,I am keen on science and innovation and have a great knowledge of biology, mathematics and computer, with the ability to think and create independently. I am also clear that I have the responsibility to construct the country so I care much about the people’s livelihood and I am eager to change the world by technology and have the quality of unity and cooperation.

Hello, my name is Xiao Min, from Shaoyang City, southwest of Hunan Province. I am now studying at the National University of Defence Technology, 20 years old, majoring in chemistry. I hope that in my four years in the university I can do some meaningful things, be more involved in some of the activities for my interest, make new partners, discover new things, which makes me feel satisfied. In my spare time, I like to play games and listen to music to relax myself. At the same time, reading is my favorite, because I think he can make people quickly get knowledge, expand their horizons.

Hi, I’m Qijie Xu. Just like one year before, I hate sport as of old. Thanks to this, I am still fat like last year. It is the second year I take part in iGEM. I am really pleasure to be a part of NUDT_CHINA this team again.In this year, I mainly work in experiment. Although I had participated in iGEM last year, but it is the first year that I work for experiment group. By means of this year's experiment, I have learnt a lot. It also make me feel the happiness and agony of the lab-life.

Hello, my name is Junling Yang, a member of modeling in this project. Through this year's work, to improve our management and coordination ability, cultivate our teamwork spirit. It takes work, you’ve got to stick with it, but the results will last forever.

Hey,every body. I'm Yin Qidi and you can call me Robert. I'm very glad to join this team as well as enjoying this great friedship. In our team work I mainly do the wiki part. In the home page I prefer the vivid demonstrating, however, in other parts I like the tidy and simple style for better reading.

Hello, i am Xiaoju Chang, a junior in physics. My main job in our team is to organize activities for HP, and i enjoy doing this. Meeting people and talk to them is a lucky thing!

My name is Zhang Herui, but calling me Candice is also acceptable. I'm a senior three student from the International Department in the First High School of Changsha. I am a passionate lover of biology; so I join NUDT_CHINA for iGEM as the only high school student in the team. During my high school years, I have been a member of the school Biology Olympiad training team, the first speaker in a debate team, a pianist on New Year party, and the liberto in a volleyball team. Usually, I'm amiable and caring, willing to help around. This is probably the core reason that I plan to take biomedical research or physician as my future career: in order to make tiny but worthwhile contributions in areas that intrigue me.

Hello! My name is Qijun Liu and I'm one of the advisors of this team.

Hello! My name is Lu Min and I'm one of the advisors of this team.

Hello! My name is Long Liu and I'm one of the advisors of this team.

Hello! My name is Sisi Xie and I'm one of the advisors of this team.

Our PIs & Instuctors

Lingyun Zhu
Lvyun Zhu
Xinyuan Qiu
Xiamin Wu

Our advisors

Qijun Liu
Long Liu
Lu Min
Sisi Xie

Our Members(By Alphabetical order)

Xiaoju Chang
Changsong Gao
Lijiao He
Shan Huang
Yilin Lei
Chuanyang Liu
Ziyi Qiao
Haotian Shi
Churan Wen
Fuhua Xie
Min Xiao
Qijie Xu
Junling Yang
Qidi Yin
Chushu Zhu
Herui Zhang


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