Judging Form

Bronze Medal

√1. We registered our team successfully. Besides, we had a meaningful summer and are willing to have a good time at Giant Jamboree.

√2. We completed and submitted the iGEM 2017 Judging Form in time successfully.

√3. We paid a lot of attention on safety. Chassis and antibiotic we used all met the requirement. We also successfully submitted our safety form.

√4. We completed Interlab Study, and had a logic analysis with it. So we think our Interlab data is significant.

√5. We constructed our own Biobrick. These Biobricks include GntR coding gene and AlkB2 gene. They do make sense to our project.

√6. We prepared our poster and are going to show it on Giant Jamboree; we also prepared our presentation sparing no effort to show what had we done this summer well.

Silver Medal

√1 Our Biobrick Parts were constructed by our members own.

√2 We set up our own part page in Registry and submitted our part to iGEM Parts Registry.

√3 We helped team NPU-CHINA construct their Biobrick Part.

√4 We did interview to oil plate. After this, we confirmed our project meaningful.

Integrated Human Practice

We interviewed SINOPEC Shaanxi Company. This company do have great influence in China, so it can be representative of most of oil plate in China. Our project was agreed by them.


During our experiment, we make sense of the importance of Biosafety. So we did a survey about Biosafety and Biosafety level. As the result shows, most of people in China, including some students majoring Biology, don’t know what Biosafety is and don’t have a good habit when they do experiment.

So we made a short cartoon to introduce Biosafety to students in our college briefly and we also upload it on influential video platform in China, such as, bilibili and Tencent Video so that we can spread the concept of Biosafety and Biosafety level to public.

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