Team:NYU Shanghai/Attributions

A Great Big Thank you to...

General Support

Maria Montoya: For administrative support in funding, lab space, and materials.
Wenshu Li  李文姝: For general project support, plasmid construction advising, and biology knowledge.
Jungseog Kang: For helping provide suggestions for procedures when results came out negative.
Ann Yang and Gelila Getahun: For mentoring our team, teaching us about what iGEM is, how it works, and how to make a successful team.

Fudan University 复旦大学: For their gracious assistance in Interlab, their friendly support, and their teamwork

Lab Support

Zhi Xu 许之: For administrative help in organizing the NYU Shanghai biology lab.
Lin Jin 金琳: For teaching us how to work in the biology lab
Xiaobo Cao 曹晓波: For making sure the biology lab remained functional.

Keqin Chen: For guiding us through chemistry-based procedures.

Leo Zhou: For assisting us with instruments.
Amy, Agnes: For their preparation and work on survival tests.
Julie, Simba: For their diligence in troubleshooting and carrying out magenta sulfite colorimetric procedures.

Eric, Honey, Sirus: For providing an extra pair of hands and carrying out important tasks.

Safia: For providing support remotely through research.

Sirus, Amy, Agnes, and especially Peter Wang: For their contributions to the wiki and its design.

Interlab support:

Fudan University 2017 iGEM Team: For generously providing us with the facilities necessary to complete our Interlab experiment.

Fundraising Support

Rachel Zhao 赵秋婉: For administrative support in approaching donations, sponsorship agreements, and giving advice on how to write emails to sponsors.
Maria Montoya and the DURF committee: For supporting us through the NYU Shanghai Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund.

DNA Sequences

iGEM Kit: For giving us the necessary parts we wanted to work with this summer.
Sangon 生工: For creating our plasmids.
SnapGene: For providing us with the software necessary to design our plasmid.

Thank you to our sponsors!


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