Team:NYU Shanghai/HP/Silver

Human Practices

Why Fake Alcohol?

        As a team, something that we realized was that most college students our age did not know how dangerous fake alcohol could actually be. We saw this as a massive problem because the minimum age for drinking in China is 18, which means that most college students would be able to drink. This then leads to students our age most likely being amongst those individuals who would be most affected by this, since fake alcohol usually tends to be cheaper and would sound like an attractive offer to college students who were trying to be financially responsible.Thus, we took it upon ourselves to dedicate some time to educating some of our peers at NYU Shanghai about the dangers of fake alcohol and how to be smart when it comes to drinking.

Community Outreach

Alcohol Awareness Week : May 15th- May 19th, 2017

We set up a station on campus at NYU Shanghai. Our main aims were to:

  • Talk to students about fake alcohol and its dangers and explain to them the science behind it.
  • Explain to students what iGEM was and what we, as an iGEM team, wanted to do about this situation.
  • Hand out “Drink Smart” stickers to get people more interested and involved.

At the end of the 5 days, we had spoken to and educated at least one third of NYU Shanghai’s population about fake alcohol, its dangers, and about our project.    

DNA Visualization Workshop: June 23rd, 2017

Another activity we set out to do was to a DNA visualization workshop for students at NYU Shanghai. During the summer term we gathered a group of students which consisted mainly of non-STEM majors and gave them an introduction to DNA, what it was and other fun facts about it. Afterwards we lead an experiment where we showed them how to extract DNA from bananas, peaches and kiwis and actually ‘see’ the DNA.  


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