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Part Collection

Sensynova Framework parts

Part range BBa_K2205007 – BBa_K2205030

The Newcastle iGEM team has developed the Sensynova framework to ease biosensor development through the use of mixed cell populations interacting via intercellular communication molecules. Each cell type has a distinct function according a design-pattern determined through systematic review of 121 previous iGEM biosensor projects. The system is detailed in the figure below – The dotted orange lines correspond to the junction between parts.

A target molecule is detected by a protein constitutively expressed in our Detector cell. A promoter sensitive to this protein drives the expression of the lasI gene. The LasI protein catalyses the production of 3O-C12 N-acyl homoserine lactone (C12 AHL). C12 AHL diffuses out of the cell and interacts with LasR, which is constitutively expressed in the Processing cell. LasR activates the pLas promoter. In the system, the pLas promoter drives expression of the rhlI gene, producing the RhlI protein which catalysis the formation of our second connector 3O-C4 N-acyl homoserine lactone (C4 AHL). The C4 diffuses out of the cell and interacts with RhlR in the output cell. This complex activates the pRhl promoter which regulates the transcription of an output device, such as a fluorescence protein. Therefore, upon triggering a detection device in the detection cell, intercellular connectors are able to propagate this signal to cells containing processing and output devices. As the connectors used are standard to cell types, cell mixing, rather than genetic re-engineering, can be used to test future processing and output variants.

We have demonstrated that biosensors built using this framework are able to generate desired responses to input molecules. For more information, visit our results pages here .

Parts Domesticated for use with our framework

IPTG Detector: BBa_K2205007
Formaldehyde: BBa_K2205029

Detector Cell LasI connector

Processing Cell LasR connector

Fim Standby Switch: BBa_K2205024
PSP3 pag signal tuner: BBa_K2205025

Processing Cell RhlI connector

Reporter cell RhlR connector

sfGFP: BBa_K2205014
deGFP: BBa_K2205007

Parts combined to form complete cell systems

Detector Cell
IPTG Detector: BBa_K2205009
Psicose: BBa_K2205023
Arsenic: BBa_K2205022
Formaldehyde: BBa_K2205030

Processing Cell
Blank: BBa_K2205012
P2 ogr signal tuner: BBa_K2205024
P2 ogr signal tuner (connector 1B only): BBa_K2205027
PSP3 pag signal tuner: BBa_K2205025
PSP3 pag signal tuner (connector 1B only): BBa_K2205028
Fim Standby Switch: BBa_K2205021

Reporter Cell
sfGFP: BBa_K2205015
aeBlue: BBa_K2205016
amajLime: BBa_K2205017
spisPink: BBa_K2205018
deGFP: BBa_K2205020


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