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Our Experimental Results

Key Achievements

A condensed list of our most notable results

  • Designed a novel framework for biosensor development
  • Proved that multicellular biosensors are able to co-ordinate responses to input molecules through a proof-of-concept IPTG responsive biosensor
  • Successful characterisation of a transpose-based “stand-by switch” capable of producing eforRed in the “OFF” state, and C4 AHL in the “ON” state
  • Used a Design of Experiments approach to successfully optimise a cell-free system
  • Improved the BLANK plasmid for promoter screening
  • Expressed and characterised Sarcosine Oxidase, showing successful degradation of sarcosine to formaldehyde
  • Designed, and began to construct, a variety of framework compatible systems, including a synthetic promoter library
  • Determined optimal cell ratios from our multicellular model

Below is a diagram of our Sensynova Framework. Clicking on each part of the framework (e.g. detector modules) links to the relevant results.

Alternatively, at the bottom of this page are tabs which will show you results for every part of the project


Framework Chassis

Biochemical Adaptor


Detector Modules

Multicellular Framework Testing

C12 HSL: Connector 1

Processor Modules

Framework in Cell Free Protein Synthesis Systems

C4 HSL: Connector 2

Reporter Modules

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