NEGEM Meetup

We shared our progress with Tufts, Boston University, WPI, Harvard, and MIT on June 21. We got feedback on running killing assays and also heard concerns that AMPs were not suitable for clinical distribution. This feedback helped us to refine our focus on the foundational advance of post-translational modifications. We also completed surveys for WPI on lead contamination and for BU Hardware on microfluidics in synthetic biology.


We talked over Skype and email to team INSA-UPS concerning their work with AMPs for combatting cholera. We gave them feedback about their project and possible collaborations between our group including the opportunity for us to try to produce one of their AMPs in our cell-free reaction. Unfortunately the timing for this collaboration didn't pan out. In addition we completed their survey about a hypothetical water treatment device. We gave troubleshooting advice but were unable to test each others’ parts.

Boston U

We also talked to the Boston University Wetlab team working on cell-free expression for RNA controlled switches. We compared cell free protocols and discussed challenges in using the expression system but did not have time to test each other’s parts.