Team:Oxford/Overview Wet Lab

Wet Lab Overview

We spent a lot of time in the lab this summer! We cloned, characterised, wrote-up, protocolled, and generally learned a lot. This page provides links to every aspect of our wet lab, click on them to learn more.


We began by cloning our parts into the iGEM shipping vector, pSB1C3, and then proceeded with characterisation of the parts that made up each of our systems, one protein-based, the other DNA-based. There is always more do to, and our future experiments page provides information on future design-build-test cycles we would carry out if we had many more summers!

Protocols and Notebook

In order for other teams to learn from us learning from our numerous mistakes we have uploaded all our protocols that we used as a team, as well as the Benchling lab books we made when we were doing our initial cloning.

Interlab and Measurement

We took part in the Interlab study for the 4th year in a row, and also created a measurement tool to make getting quantitative data from microscope images easier.