This page includes all our protocols that we made when we were cloning initially, as well as being a repository for protocols we made for experiments that did or didn't work to characterise our parts. Although a lot of them are simple protocols, and probably do not vary much from other teams', we have left them as we used them, so that other teams can get an indication of the sort of things we feel are important to include when you make protocols for your team. We used Benchling to write them, and it meant that demonstrators only had to explain things to one member of our team, rather than 12 different times!

Protocols for Initial Cloning

We wanted part of this page to summarise the steps that we took from designing our parts all the way through to sending them to iGEM to add to the registry. It is the sort of overview we would have found useful when we first started, and we hope it will help other teams.

Create DNA in Snapgene
Order DNA from IDT
PCR from G-Blocks
Run a Gel of the PCR
Digest and Ligate

Transform and Plate
Test Digest and Sequence
Send DNA to iGEM

Other Protocols

Below we have listed all the other protocols we used over the summer, they are linked to from throughout the wiki, and we hope other teams find them useful.